You have supersonic vision if you spot car within 6 seconds in optical illusion

Optical illusions are made to baffle the brain.

And the latest brainteaser we've got right in front of you, is no different. So if you reckon you've got the best eyesight, see how you get on here.

The mind-boggling puzzle involves a normal image of a bathroom. But those with supersonic vision might just see something out of place.

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If you really focus on the image, you'll find a car nestled somewhere. The picture shows various toiletries, including toothbrushes, a small bin and towel.

To put your eyesight and intelligence to the test, your task is to spot the small car within six seconds. It is in the image if you really squint.

Still struggling? Scroll down below for the answer…

These sort of optical illusions work wonders for many things, whether it's your eyesight, patience or even intelligence. We can assure you it's not as simple as it looks.

However we can help you out by telling you to focus on the left side of the image where the shower is located. Look around the shampoo bottles and you might have your answer!

You will have found the vehicle hidden between all the shampoo bottles, next to the pink shower curtain. Fancy another brainteaser?

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