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YOU might think that turning your boiler off when you don't need it will save you money – but it could end up costing you.

Households are looking for tricks to cut their energy bills but you should think twice before you switch your boiler off.

The Prime Minister Liz Truss said that energy bills will be frozen for two years under a new Energy Price Guarantee.

A typical family will pay no more than £2,500 per year under the cap, however, the cap is just on what firms can charge customers. Your bill could be higher, based on your energy usage.

Turning your boiler off could save you money but it could also cause pricey problems in the long run.

You should bear in mind that turning it off means you won't have any hot water, which you'll need for showers and washing up regardless of the temperature outside.


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We explain why you shouldn't rush to turn off your boiler when the weather warms up.

Avoid faults

Switching your boiler off could end up costing you money in the long run.

That's because leaving it off could lead to problems, especially if you have an older model.

The boiler's valves and pumps can seize up when they're out of action.

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Getting your broken boiler fixed could wipe out any savings you made from turning it off completely.

According to, you could pay around £150 for a minor repair or up to £400 for more serious problems.

If you do decide to switch it off in the summer, make sure to turn it back on every so often to keep everything working the way it should.

Get your boiler serviced

Having a regular boiler service will make sure your boiler is running efficiently and safely – you should do this once a year.

The summer is a good opportunity to do this as you won't be relying on the central heating.

A heating engineer can service your boiler in around an hour, but be prepared that you might be left without hot water until they are finished.

Boilers have a warranty of around 10 years, but if you have not had regular services the warranty does not stand.

The service can help you spot any problems before they escalate and become more expensive to fix.

It will also help make sure your boiler is safe and working efficiently.

British Gas says summer is the best time to book a service in.

"Not only will you be making sure you’re set for winter when you’ll need your boiler the most, but also engineers tend to be less busy during these months," the company said.

According to Checkatrade, a standard service will cost you about £80, and you should always book with a Gas Safe engineer.

What help can I get to pay my energy bills?

If you're struggling to cope with energy price rises, there is help available.

Contact your energy supplier as a first step, as many of them have hardship funds or can offer other support.

For example, households can get up to £1,500 in grants from the British Gas Energy Trust to help pay their bills.

The debt relief grant is available to both British Gas customers and customers of other energy firms.

Scottish Power will also pay up to £750 in grants to help its customers pay off their energy debt.

You should also check that you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to.

Make sure you're not missing out on any extra cash by using an online benefits calculator.

Doing a grants search could help you find cash to pay for gas and electricity bills.

The government announced a support package for households earlier this year.

In total, 80% of families are entitled to a £150 council tax rebate that will be paid from this month – although some people have reported delays.

Everyone will get a £200 energy bill refund in October but this is a loan and will have to be repaid in instalments.

The Household Support Fund, which helps families with the rising cost of living, has been extended.

To find out what support is available in your area, contact your local council.

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