Andrews says driver slept behind wheel as she was on Rodgers call

‘This is not the way I want to die’: Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews says her taxi driver fell asleep behind the wheel on a Chicago highway while she was on a Zoom call to Aaron Rodgers before an interview with the Packers QB

  • Fox’s Erin Andrews opened up on the incident on her podcast, Calm Down 
  • She said she heard the driver snoring while on Zoom with Aaron Rodgers 
  • Fortunately, she was fine but admitted the incident left her feeling fearful 

Erin Andrews has revealed her taxi driver fell asleep behind the wheel on a Chicago highway and was snoring – all while she was on a Zoom call which included Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Andrews was headed to Green Bay for a sit-down interview with Rodgers and was on a call with the 38-year-old and some of her Fox Sports colleagues when she heard the driver firing out some zeds.

Speaking on her podcast ‘Calm Down’, she explained to co-host Charissa Thompson: ‘I had to fly from LA to Chicago and I had a car service to take me to Green Bay. 

‘The guy picks me up, newer car, power outlets, we’re going great. Aaron gets on (the Zoom call)… I’m typing, headphones are working, we’re good. I hear snoring.

‘I know it’s not Greg Olsen, Kevin Burkhardt or Aaron Rodgers snoring. It’s my driver who fell asleep at the wheel. On a highway from Chicago. Snoring. Sleeping. And the car is moving, 65 miles an hour.

‘I am so thankful I put my phone on mute because we’re on a Zoom. I put my phone on mute and I go “Are you effing sleeping?!” It was awful. 

‘So now I have the quarterback of the team I’m trying to work on, I’m trying to take notes. I have full-blown anxiety. This is not the way I want to go down. This is not the way I want to die.’

Erin Andrews has revealed a taxi driver she recently had fell asleep behind the wheel on a highway in Chicago – all while she was on a Zoom call with Aaron Rodgers

Fortunately, Andrews was fine but she was understandably shaken by the experience 

Andrews said she forced the driver to pull over and get a coffee as soon as Rodgers left the call

Andrews said she remained on the call but, quite understandably, found it difficult to offer complete focus.

‘After Aaron [Rodgers] gets off, I go “pull over at a Starbucks,”‘ she said. ‘I make him pull over at a McDonald’s. I go in, I get him a coffee. He doesn’t drink it. The entire car ride I am like “ahem ahem ahem” monitoring if he’s sleeping at the wheel.’

Fortunately Andrews made it safely to Green Bay and has since been covering the new NFL season with far less risks and danger.

It was a bad start for Rodgers and the Packers – they lost their opening game 23-7 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Rodgers himself has hit the headlines in recent month for his admission over the use of the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca. 

He recently spoke of using it in the most recent offseason, telling The Pat McAfee Show: ‘I was searching for a deeper level of self-love.

‘I went down to Machu Picchu in Peru and had magical experiences there, in the Sacred Valley. I had a couple of really interesting nights on the medicine and came back a changed person.

‘I wanted to leave myself open to doing that again in a different setting, in a different place, with a different group. I ended up doing that again this offseason and had an absolutely beautiful experience. Sat for more nights this time, two the first time, three the second time. 

”I had a really difficult night one, beautiful night two and then a mixed bag night three with a really beautiful conclusion to the ceremony. 

‘It changes the way you look at the world… you feel may more connected.’

Packers quarterback Rodgers has made headlines recently for talking about his ayahuasca use

Rodgers and the Packers lost their opening game of the NFL season against Minnesota 

Incredibly, Rodgers – who is about to enter his 18th season in the NFL – then went on to admit that he has only enjoyed playing football since he began to use the drug.

When asked if he was now enjoying the sport, he replied: ‘I’ve been enjoying it since I did ayahuasca… the last few years have been great.

‘Mental health, bro, starts with self-love. When you increase that, you’re able to pass that on more easily.’

Rodgers and the Packers return to the field this weekend, facing the Chicago Bears.

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