Dan Walker turns from critic to supporter as he defends Alex Scott in face of Joey Barton slamming Football Focus | The Sun

DAN WALKER launched a passionate defence of Alex Scott against Joey Barton.

The former Football Focus host had previously had a public spat with the ex-England defender about the future of the BBC Saturday lunchtime show.

But he turned from critic to supporter amid Barton's prolonged misogynistic Twitter rant.

The former midfielder has piled in on the likes of Scott and Laura Woods this week, inexplicably claiming women pundits “shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority” on men's football.

And he continued his social media tirade on Saturday by slamming Football Focus.

Barton said: "36 minutes. Football Focus turned off. Sorry, it's just terrible.



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"Drivel and nonsense served with a side of boring. No wonder it’s getting canned.

"Well done to all involved. Another flagship destroyed by The Tokens."

And then following news of Question of Sport being pulled by the BBC, Walker expressed his sadness at the show coming to an end.

He tweeted: "Really sad to read the news about Question of Sport. One of THE iconic shows.

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"I used to dress up as David Coleman as a kid and pretend to host it and always loved Sue [Barker] on it too. There is definitely still a winning format in there somewhere."

Barton replied: "‘Wokeness’ killed it. Poor quality guests. Standards dropped. So sad to watch it slowly deteriorate.

"It was essential viewing as a kid who loved sports. Just like Soccer AM.

"I’m hearing they’re about to do for Football Focus next? @AlexScott? Hopefully not. Definitely, someone can make it work online. Won’t be long."

Walker then launched his weight behind Scott and added: "Hi Joey. Hope you’re ok. One of my Christmas wishes is that people with a big platform on here wouldn’t use it to drag others down.

"Alex WAS a great pro and IS a top television presenter – and a lovely person.

"Women who love football already have too many hurdles to climb over and too many doors slammed in their face. You have a big voice… use it to encourage."

But Barton hit back: "I’m using it to tell the truth. It would help if you did the same. Love and respect to you and yours.


"Look forward to catching up after Christmas. We can collaborate again. Use both our platforms to educate and inform."

Walker then continued: "Would love to catch up. The truth for me is that quality is important and I think that also comes from having a variety of voices.

"If you do meet some of the women who have been in your crosshairs, I would encourage you to ask them to show you some of the bile & hatred they have received on the back of your posts.

"I think you’re better than that. Have a good Christmas."

Ex-Bristol Rovers manager Barton doubled down on his controversial and sexist comments throughout the week – prompting outrage from the football community.

And West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady wrote in her SunSport column: "Joey’s entitled to his opinion, of course, but I suspect his comments just encouraged more vile social media abuse aimed at women who just want to be left alone to get on with their job.

"I wonder what Joey’s wife and daughter make of his anger on a fresh target, singling out Alex Scott because, I suspect, the England international is making much more of a splash than Barton ever will.

"Scott has no chip on her shoulder. Barton has a whole plank on his.

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"Why should she be subjected to abuse and singling out just because she is a woman? Barton’s attitude is reminiscent of the one that women should stay at home, clean the house, look after the kids and not dabble in men’s business.

"There are many that still think like that. Sadly, the view that only men should cover men’s football is common."

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