Golf’s internet star Isabelle Shee lives up to ‘Sock Girl’ name with bold new style after helping produce lockdown masks – The Sun | The Sun

INTERNET golfing star Isabelle Shee is hoping fans of her fashion avoid a hole in one.

The 'Sock Girl' was "kicked out of and chastised" by country golf club's due to her short skirts and knee-high accessories – but is now happy to sell her sole with an audacious new range of lower leg-wear.

The 26-year-old has been crossing the tees and spotting the thighs on some tradition-busting socks for her sports-gear company Inside Story Golf.

Shee, who has 234,000 Instagram followers, "diverted some manufacturing" towards eco-friendly masks and loungewear during the coronavirus pandemic.

Of her treatment from the golfing old-guard, she said: "My experience has been interesting, to say the least.

"I definitely am a more controversial golf figure as I don't stick to the traditional wardrobe.

"I have been stared at, kicked out of country clubs for and chastised for wearing shorter skirts and long socks.

I am very thankful for golf figures changing the game, such as Paige Spiranac and Tisha Abrea. These women show a fun side of golf.

"For me, I love socks because in a world where it can be a bit conservative, such as at work or the golf course, socks can be one of the only accessories that can show a bit of flare and personality."

And having played pro tournaments herself as a talented amateur – until quitting competitive action three years ago – she is glad a few current professionals are shaking the sport up.

Shee added: "I am very thankful for some golf figures who are changing the game, such as Paige Spiranac and Tisha Abrea.

"These women show a fun side of golf and in my opinion, are truly growing the game by encouraging non golfers to join this magnificent game."

Spiranac was recently named the "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Maxim Magazine.

Californian Shee, who earned her pseudonym by wearing long socks from the age 13, even claims her sporting performance suffers if she feels insecure over how she looks.

She explained: "There are days when I miss my alarm and have to rush to my tee time, make-up half done and clothes not matching, and will play absolutely awful solely because I wasn't confident with my appearance.

"The truth was, nobody could tell the difference with my appearance except myself but my uncertainty was easily translated into my golf game.

"I definitely think that it is tougher for women when it comes to image.

"However, I don't think it is unfair because sometimes it is self-induced as we tend to be harder on ourselves when it comes to our appearance compared to men.

"Looking stylish is very important to me in sport."


Isabelle Shee always has a mood awakening when choosing her sporting colours.

She insists: "It is definitely a must for players to feel confident in how they look when playing.

"When I used to compete, I would wear different colour socks depending on my mood.

"There are spiritual meanings. For example, white is the colour for faith, black for strength, red for good fortune.

"The philosophy is the same for all walks of life, when we feel that we look good, we are most confident and it applies crucially in golf."

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