I'm the Queen of Darts but fans ask me to sign weird things like Asda till receipts, inflatable toys and FAKE HANDS | The Sun

FALLON SHERROCK is so famous these days off the oche she gets asked to sign Asda till receipts, FAKE HANDS and inflatable BANANAS!

But away from the public eye, few of her fans are aware of the serious health issues she has to manage on a daily basis

The Queen of the Palace – the only woman to beat the men at the PDC World Darts Championship – is in first-round action on Sunday against Holland’s Jermaine Wattimena.

It has been a whirlwind four-year ride for this mum-of-one and former Milton Keynes hairdresser, who is recognised for her pink shirts on stage.

When asked to give examples of the maddest thing about being ‘Fallon Sherrock’, the woman herself replied: “I get stopped in the street all the time now.

“I was asked to sign someone’s till receipt in Asda the other day.



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“Whenever I’m shopping with my son Rory, people come up to me all the time. They say: ‘Well done. How did you get on? Can’t wait to see you on TV.’

“The other week, I signed a fake hand. A dummy hand from a joke shop. Not a prosthetic hand.

“The funniest one was a blow-up banana. That was at the darts.

“On my holidays, I get asked to sign all the blow-up toys by the pool.

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“Me and my boyfriend Cammy went to Benidorm the other month and everywhere I went, there was someone who knew me.

“It was brilliant if I wanted to get a drink or something. It was really good. We stayed at hotels and people there said they’d come to my exhibitions next year.”

To acknowledge her services to darts, Sherrock, 29, received a MBE off Prince William in November at Windsor Castle.

It was in recognition of her exploits against the men and her vital role in boosting the profile of ladies arrows globally.

It is incredible to think that Sherrock did all that despite her “kidneys only working to 23% of their capacity”.

She explained: “I have to maintain my kidneys at that level because if it went down to 15%, you’re looking at dialysis.

“I’m on calcium tablets now for my bones, sodium tablets for my kidneys – about three per day.

“I need an injection for my blood once a week which is self-administered.

“Plus a transfusion of iron every 6-8 months to keep the iron levels up.

“People don’t see that. When you have been hooked up on a drip for an hour, it makes you feel really hot and ill. I have to sit there for an hour before I can go.

“I try not to get too upset about anything. It builds you up to be a stronger person anyway.”

Sherrock, who would play German Martin Schindler in the second round if she wins, added: “If only you saw how much water I drink every day.

“I probably drink more than I should but I don’t think people realise how tired I get. I have to flush my system.

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“I mean I am alright because I am carrying on now. But I have to keep going.

“As soon as I stop, that’s me done – I’m dead for a week. I literally cannot do anything. I’m so tired.”

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