Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr round-by round: How battle of boxing legends with combined age of 105 played out

MIKE TYSON drew in his big boxing comeback against Roy Jones Jr in a messy affair in Los Angeles.

Jones Jr did the perfect job of stifling Tyson throughout the entire fight by clinching at any opportunity he could.

You could almost tell it was going to be scored a draw half-way through – as nothing much was happening.

Here, SunSport tells the story of the fight between 54-year-old Tyson and 51-year-old Jones.

Round One

Tyson rushes straight into it. Targets the body with some wild shots.

Lands a brilliant right on Jones Jr, but dealt with OK.

Two minutes flies by in the miniature ring.

Round Two

Again Tyson charges forward with a double left hook to the body.

Jones Jr decides to tie up, referee tells the pair to clean it up.

Jones Jr dances around the ring, while Tyson looks flat-footed and already frustrated.

Tyson lands some solid shots at the end, a couple after the bell, but the two men hug it out.

Round Three

Tyson lands a decent uppercut that forces Jones Jr to grapple again.

Both men already breathing heavy, the lack of crowd makes it even more obvious.

Jones Jr is using some spoiling tactics here, making it messy.

Round Four

Tyson well out of range with most of the haymakers he is throwing.

But the referee should warn jones at least here, spoiling the spectacle

Tyson lands two great body shots, at least he is trying.

Round Five

Boxers aren’t able to ‘exhibit’ their skills if Jones keeps grappling.

Tyson landed a huge left, Jones definitely felt that.

Burst of activity before the bell as both boxers go hell for leather.

Round Six

Spoiling continues, maybe the small ring has changed up Jones’ tactics.

Tyson is surprisingly calm despite this, and is saving his shots.

Jones easily avoids some lumbering hooks.

Round Seven

Jones Jr starts with a lovely combo but that doesn’t push Tyson back.

Tyson lunges forward again but wild.

Jones Jr must have missed out on hugging people during covid lockdown as he’s doing it all in here

Round Eight

Tyson bulldozes forward, straight into a clinch.

The two seem happy to have made it this far, Jones Jr dances around and Tyson lifts his leg up.

Tyson hammers home two left hooks to the body – and that's your lot.

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