Spain's FA chief Rubiales faces potential four-year prison sentence

Spain’s World Cup kiss-gate president Luis Rubiales faces a prison sentence of up to FOUR YEARS if charged and found guilty of sexual assault against Jenni Hermoso – but he may never see jail-time

  • Jenni Hermoso filed a formal complaint against Luis Rubiales on Wednesday
  • Rubiales could face a lengthy prison sentence if charged and found guilty
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Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales could face a prison sentence of up to four years if found guilty of sexual assault after World Cup star Jenni Hermoso filed a formal complaint against him on Wednesday.

Rubiales was pictured kissing Hermoso on the lips as she went to collect her medal after Spain won the Women’s World Cup for the first time last month.

Hermoso claimed afterwards that she ‘did not enjoy’ the kiss and that is was non-consensual, and has now made a complaint to the National Court Prosecutor’s Office.

A non-consensual kiss can be considered sexual assault in Spain, and carries a prison sentence of one to four years.

However, a judge can downgrade the punishment if they see fit and instead hand down a fine, meaning if Rubiales is charged and found guilty he could escape jail-time.

Luis Rubiales was pictured kissing Jenni Hermoso after last month’s World Cup final

Hermoso (pictured) has claimed the kiss was non-consensual and filed a formal complaint

Rubiales could face a prison sentence of up to four years if found guilty of sexual assault

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Following Hermoso’s complaint, the court now has two months to decide whether to proceed with the case or not.

If they accept the case, Hermoso and Rubiales will both be called to testify.

Hermoso will give evidence first, with Rubiales then given the opportunity to respond in a process that can last up to six months. 

Rubiales has faced calls to resign from his position following his behaviour, but he repeatedly refused to do so at an extraordinary press conference just five days after the World Cup final.

During the press conference, Rubiales insisted he was staying and vowed to hand manager Jorge Vilda a new and improved contract.

Vilda clapped Rubiales’ speech, but later admitted it was ‘unjustifiable’ to applaud his actions.

Vilda was sacked earlier this week after a number of Spain’s players refused to play for the team while he was in charge, having raised concerns with his coaching methods last year.

Rubiales remains in his post for now, though, despite the Spanish FA condemning his behaviour as ‘totally unacceptable’ and apologising for the ‘enormous damage’ he has caused.

Rubiales has received widespread criticism for kissing Hermoso, but has been backed by some of his closest allies, including his mother Angelas Bejar.

Sacked Spain manager Jorge Vilda (pictured) applauded Rubiales at his press conference last month, but has since admitted it was ‘unjustifiable’ to do so

Rubiales has received support from his mother Angeles Bejar (pictured), who went on hunger strike in protest against the ‘inhumane’ treatment of her son last week

Bejar locked herself inside a church last Monday and went on hunger strike as she called for the ‘inhumane’ treatment of her son to stop.

She called for Hermoso to ‘tell the truth’ about the incident, before being admitted to hospital three days into her hunger strike.

Rubiales was on hand to pick his mother up from the hospital last Thursday, having kept a low profile since his press conference the previous week.

Bejar’s drastic actions have not dissuaded Hermoso from pressing forward with her complaint against Rubiales, with the ‘kiss-gate’ scandal now looking set to head to court. 


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