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LET me tell you something about my best friend…

Given they’re under pressure, having to perform at their best at the highest level, isn’t it any wonder that the world’s biggest sports stars need someone to lean on from time-to-time.

Some even manage to form bromances, pouring displays of attention publicly and on social media to one another, much to the delight of their own fans.

But whether they’re posting loving notes online, hanging out with their teammates off the pitch to play Fifa or wishing their ‘bestie’ luck on an imminent transfer or title win, it’s these sporting heroes that have us eager to put our arm round the next man and burst into a mass singalong.

Here’s the definitive rundown of the most cherished sport bromances around today:

Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba

The former Manchester United team mates are proof that loving one another off the field can only lead to performing well together on it.

‘Agent Pogba’ was said to be the reason that hotshot Lukaku signed for the Red Devils.

Right before it was a done deal, Lukaku and Pogba were spied enjoying a summer together in Los Angeles, playing basketball and keeping fit.



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But they’ve known each other long than that, showing off their bromance on social media playing five-a-side football, singing and dancing  and just being great mates.

It’s ALMOST reminiscent of Gary Neville’s bromance with David Beckham last decade.

They have had to put their friendship aside this season, however,  as Lukaku now plays for rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. But, with Pogba leaving Man Utd they'll be friendly once again for sure.

Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas

The Catalonian connection… Both schooled at La Masia, Pique and Fabregas played in the same team at the famed Barcelona academy.

Both moved to the Premier League, Pique with Man United and Fabregas with Arsenal, but despite playing for bitter rivals that didn’t stop their bromance from flourishing.

And in various Champions League battles between Arsenal and Barcelona, Pique who returned to the Nou Camp in the summer of 2008, loved nothing more than laughing and joking with his pal on the pitch, even though they were on opposite sides.

Good job they were reunited at Barcelona in 2011!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo

Why wouldn’t you want to be besties with one of the best players in the world?

Cristiano and his ex-Brazilian teammate Marcelo used to tear teams apart on the left-hand side of attack for Real Madrid, so it’s no surprise these two are close off the pitch too.

And in the ultimate bromance move, which was sure to get a nod and a wink from his Portuguese mate, Marcelo revealed Cristiano was the best player he ever played with.

The defender gushed: "I have played with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and [Ruud] van Nistelrooy, but you know who the best is: Cristiano [Ronaldo] — he is the most complete."

Marcelo even made an appearance at Ronaldo's daughter Alana Martina's fourth birthday party.

Troy Deeney and Anthony Joshua

Even playing different sports doesn’t deter these two heavyweights.

Beefy striker Deeney was happy to show AJ his own boxing skills… in fact, a brilliant video posted online of the two striking a punch machine nearly broke the internet.

Their bromance story began right before the 2012 London Olympics at a barbers in Watford and they have since been inseparable.

Deeney even used Joshua’s coach to keep himself fit.

Lewis Hamilton and Neymar

They’re both stars that transcend their sport, so it’s little surprise that F1 whizz Lewis and the world’s most expensive footballer are tight.

It’s fashion that bonds Lewis and Neymar together, and the two were spotted channelling their inner Zoolander at London Fashion Week in 2017.

Lewis also called Neymar his 'brother from another mother' on an Instagram story he shared with his followers after a dinner date at London’s Zuma restaurant.

Lucky for Lewis that Neymar plays in Paris now – a flight from Monaco, where the racer lives, is only an hour away.

Dele Alli & Eric Dier

Former teammates and roomies for Spurs and England, Dele and Eric have seen a lot of each other down the years.

So, it’s lucky that the pair are such good friends, constantly trading joking insults on social media, laughing during heavy training sessions for Spurs.

They even once holidayed together in Mykonos, you'd think they'd be sick of the sight of each other, alas no. Their bromance lives on.

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer

These two are the biggest earners in sport – both with vast fortunes.

But they never let money get in the way of their friendship, often cheering each other on and supporting one another at the same sponsorship events

However, in recent years Federer admitted the pair did drift apart.

"I have not seen him for a long time,” Federer told the media at the Swiss Indoors tennis tournament.

“Of course, we used to see each other once in a while with the Gillette campaign. Also by Nike. But that was rare."

Fed added: “He supported me very much. We had fun with the fight for more Grand Slams. Unfortunately he stopped. I would be glad to see him again.”

Mesut Ozil and Sergio Ramos

Legend has it when Mesut was having a poor game during his time at Real Madrid, Sergio stepped in during a cutting halftime team talk with then manager Jose Mourinho to keep the peace.

If that's not a bromance, sticking up for your bro during tough times, then we don't know what is.

Mesut moved on to Arsenal, spending nearly eight years in North London before moving to Turkey.

Ramos reportedly called up his friend after hearing he was linked to Real's rivals Barcelona and pleaded with him not to join their sworn enemies.

Would that be the deal-breaker in the bromance? We think not.

Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford

Man United stars always make best buds — Neville and Beckham, Giggs and Sharpe, Butt and Scholes, Keane and… but Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford are just the same.

Both broke into the England fold and have been seen sidled up to next to one another on a cosy bench, wise-cracking away during past international breaks.

Jesse also believes Marcus has the means to be United's No9 for years to come. "If he plays down the middle, he is bound to score goals," he once said of his pal's ability.

"He's got the pace to beat players and he has got the composure in front of goal as well."

James Rodriguez and Thomas Muller

Not even a language barrier could deter these two Bayern Munich stars from forming a new-found bromance.

When Rodriguez made the move to Germany from Spain, Muller helped the mercurial Colombian settle in.

That was even after it was claimed Rodriguez was set to take Muller's first team spot!

But Muller welcomed the challenge, and Bayern found a way to play them both in the same team, with Rodriguez getting the best out of the German forward.

A few dodgy Oktoberfest pictures aside, we'd love to see these two make their bromance more social media official.

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