Yorkshire to investigate 'unnacceptable' behaviour from drunken fans

Yorkshire launch an investigation into the ‘unacceptable’ behaviour of drunken cricket fans at Headingley and vow to take ‘appropriate action’ – after they were seen downing beer and brawling with security

  • Drunken fans sparked chaos at Headingley, leaving other spectators disgusted 
  • Footage shared on social media shows one supporter downing from a pint cup
  • He then pitched forward and fell head first into the row of seats in front of him
  • Paramedics and police officers were on hand to take him away using a stretcher 
  • More clips revealed others apparently brawling security in the Western Terrace
  • Yorkshire County Cricket Club have confirmed they will launch an investigation

Yorkshire have launched a full investigation into the drunken fan disorder that marred a cricket match at Headingley on Friday evening, after videos on social media showed fans excessively drinking and seemingly fighting with security staff. 

In the widely-shared footage taken from the Western Terrace, a clearly drunken spectator was urged to drink ‘one more pint’ by fans around him. He obliged, but then pitched forward and slumped head-first into the row of seats in front of him. 

The scenes of beer-fuelled drama broke out in the stands while the Vikings faced Durham, and the man who took the tumble is said to have downed 12 pints in 10 minutes. He was later removed on a stretcher by stewards amid unsightly scenes.

And now, the club have confirmed in a statement that they will be looking into the matter, with ‘appropriate action’ to be taken against those involved.

‘The Club is aware of an issue with a group of supporters drinking excessively at Friday night’s match and strongly condemns such behaviour,’ it read.

‘Measures have been introduced to ensure that spectators are able to enjoy the game and drink in moderation, however, the footage that has been circulated shows behaviour that is simply unacceptable. 

Yorkshire have launched an investigation after fans were recorded drinking excessively 

One person took a tumble into the seats below, with the disorder marring the match on Friday

‘The Club will not tolerate such behaviour and has launched a full investigation where appropriate action will be taken against those concerned. 

‘Cricket is a game for all and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.’

Another angle of the individual in question shows him seated near other baying fans, many of whom were calling for him to continue his boozing. He was able to get his hands on yet another pint cup, and even attempted to build up the atmosphere.

The spectator then turned around, finished the drink and fell over onto a chair. 

While the small section of fans laughed, just one person checked on his wellbeing.

One fan alleges a spectator drank 12 pints (L), while others appeared to scrap with security (R)

After falling over, the inebriated individual was taken away on a stretcher by paramedics

Disturbingly, the footage then cut to a group of friends brawling with members of security, also in the Western Terrace. 

Along a line of seats, stewards were forced to step in and break up fans to prevent the situation escalating, with tensions high.

Afterwards, the first drunken fan was carried away by paramedics, with police officers also on hand. Again, those around him chose to see the humourous side.

The stand has been notorious for antics over the years.

As far back as 2009, former England captain Nasser Hussain said that he wouldn’t take his family there, and labelled the rabble-rousers as ‘alcohol-fuelled yobs’. 

Vikings triumphed by six wickets, but their victory was marred by the alcohol-fuelled chaos

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted by Sportsmail.

Meanwhile, several disappointed fans voiced their anger at the unrest on Twitter.

‘What a great game of cricket ruined by some absolute delinquents in the Western Terrace,’ one said. ‘Supposed to be a family game. Sort it out @YorkshireCCC.’

Another wrote: ‘So Yorkshire CCC are trying to present themselves as an inclusive venue where men, women, children and those of all races and faiths feel accepted and welcome. Then this…’ 

They then shared the video of the alcohol-related chaos. 

Furious fans have now taken to social media to tell Yorkshire to ‘sort out’ the drinking problem

‘Yep, brilliant night but please let’s not see this in the ground again,’ a third added, posting several screenshots from the same clips.

‘All for people having a beer or three and enjoying themselves, but this is unacceptable.’ 

The same user then said: ‘That was a hell of a tumble he took, saw it from the upper section of the Howard Stand. 

‘Hope he’s OK, but it got out of hand in there. 

‘The stewarding in that area has been poor the last couple seasons, they do very little to nip it in the bud. Yorkshire need to sort it.’ 

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