The 40-year murder mystery

It is one of Australia’s greatest murder mysteries, leaving generations of police baffled and none certain if they are hunting one, two or three killers. The suspects have included a quiet religious man with a dark side, a notorious sex offender, a blood relative and a four-time convicted killer. There is a record $6 million […]

Mystery seeds from China identified as vegetables, herbs and flowers

Some of the mystery seeds from China sprouting up in the mailboxes across the US have finally been identified — as harmless cooking ingredients, according to federal officials. Researchers were able to put a name to at least 14 of the plant species as of July 29, including mustard, cabbage and morning glory, as well as […]

Mystery as bizarre 15ft creature washes up on beach in Merseyside

Mystery as bizarre 15ft creature with ‘flippers’ and ‘fur’ washes up on beach in Merseyside An unidentifiable creature washed up on a beach in Liverpool on Wednesday The 15-foot long headless beast is furry, has flippers and is badly decomposed Locals have speculated that it is a woolly mammoth, a walrus – even an alien A 15-feet […]

Mystery seeds now showing up in Texas mailboxes

Packets containing mystery seeds that have been arriving in several states have now been spotted in north Texas, according to a report. About 200 residents claim to have received the packets, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said, according to FOX 4 of Dallas. The mailings are believed to have originated in China, the report said. […]

Mystery of plant seeds sent from China to U.S. homes could be solved

Mysterious seeds sent from China to thousands of Americans across the US may be part of a giant online reviews scam At least 31 states reported complaints of receiving unsolicited seed packets The plant seeds were often mislabeled as jewelry or toys and sent from China Now police believe it was a ‘brushing’ scam designed […]

China plant seeds mystery solved? Police, officials think packages sent to US homes could be tied to scam reviews

Fox News Flash top headlines for July 28 Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking on The mysterious, unsolicited packages of seeds supposedly being sent from China to homes across America – prompting agriculture departments in at least 31 states to issue warnings against planting them – may be tied to a fake product review scam, police and officials are saying. The packages, based […]

Mystery as lake from iconic Dirty Dancing lift scene fills with water

Having the time of its life…again: Mystery as lake from iconic Dirty Dancing lift scene filled with water after being dry for 12 years Mountain Lake Lodge has started to fill up again after 12 years without water Lake is where where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practiced iconic lift  Scientists say the lake hits a […]

Mystery virus could be killing hundreds of elephants in Africa

Mystery virus could have killed 400 elephants that ‘looked confused and wandered in circles before collapsing’, say experts amid fears it could jump to humans At least 350 elephants of varying ages died from unknown causes in Botswana Experts believe novel elephant virus could be behind the ‘conservation disaster’ Some fear the virus, the name of […]