Andi Peters forced to present GMB competition segment drenched with water after live TV sprinkler blunder – The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain's competition presenter Andi Peters was forced to present his segment drenched with water today after a live TV blunder.

The 49-year-old star admitted that he was freezing cold as he professionally continued with the slot from his back garden.

When Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid cut to Andi just before 8.30am this morning, they were clearly confused by his appearance.

The former Blue Peter presenter also looked noticeably put out, with Andi quickly explaining between giggles: "We just had a rather unfortunate incident with the automatic sprinklers, I am literally drenched.

"Literally drenched. This is unreal."

After sharing the details of the competition, he joked that he was going to "reprogram the sprinklers so they don't come on again while I am doing live television".

While Andi was less than impressed by the household gaffe, Susanna and Piers were clearly tickled – with Susanna joking that the sprinklers explained why his garden was so lush and green.

Wiping himself down with a tissue, Andi compared the moment to a "Carry On" scene, adding: "I'm just drying myself off, it was literally like a Carry On Sketch.

"There was water everywhere."

He later added: "It's cold and I am soaking wet!"

Meanwhile, Piers suggested turning the sprinklers into a regular competition feature.

He joked: "Viewers could bet how many seconds Andi can survive in freezing cold water, and the winner gets a car!"

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