Andy Cohen Clears Up ‘RHOBH’ Season 12 Reunion Misunderstanding Around Lisa Rinna’s “Receipts”

Andy Cohen is continuing to clear things up about what happened during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion. The Bravo host raised the issue again after fans of the reality series called him a liar following Lisa Rinna going on social media to present her “Aspen receipts” that never made it to air.

On Monday’s Andy Cohen Live! show, Cohen revealed that Rinna had a manila envelope that she whipped out during the reunion that contained “receipts” from the Elton John AIDS Foundation gala stemming from a feud she had with co-star Sutton Stracke. Cohen said that the moment was eventually cut from the three-part reunion due to time.

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“We talked about them and she whipped the receipts out and we wound up cutting the whole thing because we were done talking about the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Like enough is enough,” Cohen said on his satellite radio show.

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However, Rinna would go on to her Instagram Stories and share she had two envelopes and revealed the other envelope contained “receipts” to back up her claims of the alleged meltdown Kathy Hilton had at the Aspen house. This prompted Cohen to contact Rinna to corroborate the information.

“I text Rinna, I go, ‘I said on the radio today that your receipts were about the Elton John AIDS thing. Is that what they were, Were there also Aspen receipts?’ And she said, ‘Actually, there were also Aspen receipts,’” Cohen said on the show that aired Wednesday, November 2. “[Rinna] said, ‘I printed out eight pages of text messages from texts that I was sending to Kyle and Erika’ and, and another friend of hers about what was going on that night with Kathy. And she said, ‘That was kind of my corroboration, that I sent those texts that night. And that’s what that was.’”

Cohen explained that Rinna “never entered [the receipts] to the court for consideration and we never got to them.”

“So then everyone was, So then I guess she posted on her Instagram yesterday and said, these were actually also the receipts. I woke up this morning and people on Twitter were like, ‘Rinna is calling you a liar. What do you think?’” Cohen continued. “You know, So this is me saying I believe both of these situations to be true. She had the Elton John receipts, she had, what were her Aspen receipts that I never saw.”

In the end, Cohen said Rinna never pulled out the Aspen receipts adding, “We never got to them. We didn’t cut them out of the show. She never handed them over during the show. And so that is the tale of Rinna’s receipts.”

Listen to Cohen talking about Rinna’s “receipts” in the video below.

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