Antiques Roadshow expert wows guest with French necklace valuation

Margaret was the "naughty" one says Antiques Roadshow guest

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In an episode of Antiques Roadshow from earlier this year, Judith Miller was in awe of a flamboyant piece of jewellery brought from a shop in an Australian alleyway. The expert shocked the guest with her valuation and painted a glamorous scene as to how the jewellery may have been worn. The excited guest also shared her inspiration following her appearance on the BBC show.

Judith, the Antiques Roadshow expert, was charmed as soon as she was presented with a chunky green piece of jewellery from an expectant guest.

She gleefully shared: “You know I love costume jewellery and I’m totally in love with this. What made you love it?”

The guest replied: “It was a combination, its colour, its simplicity. It’s really bold and it just really just appeals. It was actually in a kind of dark corner and I really just loved it straight away.”

She explained she got the jewellery from “a little antique shop in a little alleyway in Wollongong in Australia.”

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“I just started my first ever job and I decided to treat myself to something that was a little bit special and spent some of my first paycheck on it.”

The Australian guest confirmed she was 16 when she made the purchase.

Judith enthusiastically said: “It’s really, really high quality costume jewellery. This is just incredibly well made, it’s beautifully designed.

“I am drawn to thinking this is French, just looking at the quality of it, I think it was made for a Couture collection and you just don’t get this detail on every piece of costume jewellery.

Judith announced: “It’s definitely 1950s and absolutely of its time, do you remember what you paid for it?”

With anticipation building, the hopeful lady added: “It was $30 in Australia, so maybe £15 to £20.”

Judith then delivered the incredible news, “I think this was a pretty good buy because I would value this today at £400 to £500.”

The ecstatic antique buyer exclaimed: “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it. Wow. That’s amazing.”

She added: “I don’t actually wear it a lot, it’s quite a bold statement piece so you have to have the right outfit for it, but I’ll tell you what – I am wearing at home today!”

The guest reflected on the incredible valuation, “I am absolutely blown away. I am just so impressed.”

“I bought something I love and it’s amazing to hear it’s actually worth something apart from my emotional attachment to it.

“It’s just lovely – go with the gut, I think that’s great go and buy things you love.”

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Antiques Roadshow is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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