Bake Off viewers disappointed by ‘anticlimatic doughgate’ after first look teased major drama

Fans of The Great British Bake Off were left disappointed with Tuesday's episode, after major 'doughgate' drama had been teased in a trailer for the show but it proved to be quickly resolved.

In this week's episode of the hit Channel 4 show the bakers took on the challenge of Biscuit Week, and one contestant made an error which impacted one of their fellow bakers.

Rowan, a student from West Yorkshire, headed to the fridge to find that the dough he had made earlier was missing and turned to Cristy, who he was sharing a fridge with to ask: "Cristy, have you used my biscuit dough?"

Cristy headed over to the fridge before letting out a huge gasp and putting her hands to her face as she realised her mistake. However, Rowan was unfazed by the mishap and continued with his baking, causing no drama with Cristy.

In the teaser for Tuesday's episode of GBBO, it looked like drama was set to erupt between Rowan and Cristy, with viewers left disappointed after doughgate proved to be 'anticlimatic'.

"I needed that to be more dramatic, both parties disappointingly reasonable #doughgate #GBBO," one person wrote on social media, as a second agreed, adding: "A bit anticlimactic, I won’t lie… #GBBO".

A third wrote: "Oh dear! It's doughgate #gbbo," and a fourth person said: "Dough gate? Refund me pls, that was barely dramatic #GBBO".

While there wasn't much drama, Tuesday's episode of Bake Off did see the second contestant eliminated from the show following Amos' exit in week one.

At the end of the episode, presenter Noel Fielding announced that Tasha, 27, was the Star Baker, while Alison Hammond had the difficult job telling Keith, 60, that he would be the second baker leaving the tent.

Speaking about his time on the show, Keith said: " I feel fine, there is nothing sad about this moment. I have had the most fantastic time. There were bruises up my arm from the first week as I was pinching myself every half hour. I don’t know how many hours I will spend the rest of my life banging on about this."

Taking it all in his stride, Keith also added: "I thought it was important to demonstrate that leaving the tent doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad occasion, and sometimes you just have to realise that you’ve reached your limit and be grateful for an amazing experience."

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