BBC Breakfast viewers call out ‘confused’ Naga Munchetty after name blunder

Naga Munchetty gets Rocky Horror Picture Show confused with Little Shop of Horrors

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty came under fire from viewers after incorrectly naming a classic movie during Saturday’s show.

It comes after the presenter was speaking about this year’s Harrogate Autumn flower show with co-host Ben Thompson.

The duo were showing images of people with giant vegetables that they grew, including a huge onion that weighed nearly nine kilos.

As various images started to pop up on the screen, the presenters laughed at enormous pumpkins and a colossal-sized cucumber.

One snap included a man called Paul Proud with his four vegetables which left Naga and Ben speechless.

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Giggling, Naga said: “He’s holding aloft a cucumber, next to his giant cabbage which was a winner.”

Shocked at the size of it, Ben quipped: “That is massive! It looks like it’s going to come alive and eat you.”

Naga replied: “What was that? The Rocky Horror Show? It reminds me of that.”

Although her co-host agreed with her, it was clear viewers caught the blunder as it appeared she got the name of the movie wrong.

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The Rocky Horror Show is a 70s musical about a a young engaged couple who break down in an isolated area and seek help from the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-n-Furter.

Instead, the film Naga meant to say was the 1980s classic Little Shop of Horrors which follows a plant that feeds on human blood.

Pointing out her error, @basherdrummer wrote: “I think you’re getting mixed up with Little Shop of Horrors.”

GM_Jordan said: “I think your team has confused the Little Shop of Horrors with Rocky Horror. One has a man-eating plant, the other Sweet Transvestites – easy mistake, not lol.”

@BCollier2012 added: “Little Shop Of Horrors, Naga..”

@shut_up_stewart tweeted: “I think you mean ‘Little Shop of Horrors.”

@snowboard74 commented: “Can you let Naga know it’s Little Shop of Horrors for the man-eating giant plants, not Rocky Horror Show.”

@HisFoxxiness said: “Someone needs to watch Little Shop of Horrors *cough*Naga*cough*”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am

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