Behind the scenes EastEnders video shows filming of Linda and Janine crash

A behind the scenes video has been released that reveals how EastEnders filmed Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and Janine Butcher’s (Charlie Brooks) car crash.

At the start of the week, Linda decided to spend time with Nancy (Maddy Hill), hoping a few days away would be the perfect opportunity to tell her the real reason why she lost the money for her business.

For Janine, her nerves began to increase when she discovered what Linda was planning, fully aware once Nancy realises Janine was behind the money loss, she’d tell Mick (Danny Dyer) everything.

When Nancy left Linda at the side of the road after an argument, the alcoholic was stuck there as her car broke down.

Janine arrived to help, and quickly discovered Linda was very drunk.

After getting the car fixed, Janine decided to drive Linda and baby Annie home.

However, when an argument over Mick ensued, Janine was forced to swerve in order to prevent hitting an oncoming lorry.

Last night, the aftermath saw Janine flee the scene after making it seem like Linda drunkenly crashed the car herself.

In a new video on location, Kellie and Charlie have revealed more about how the crash was filmed.

Fasten your seat belts, everyone! We’re about to go behind the scenes with @CharlieBrooks0 and @kelliebright76 to find out how those incredible car crash scenes were filmed! 🌳💥🚗 #EastEnders

Kellie explained that she and Charlie filmed the moments before the crash in a Pod Car, a specially adapted vehicle that allows someone else to sit on the roof of the car and drive it.

It allowed Charlie to chaotically move the steering wheel, but anything she did didn’t actually impact where the car was going!

With Mick unaware Janine was involved in the crash, Charlie also teased what’s ahead for her character:

‘Desperation! I think she is terrified of Linda waking up, it’s a race against the clock basically. How long can this stay a secret before somebody reveals the truth?

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