Big Brother fans horrified as housemate is axed in excruciatingly brutal fashion tonight | The Sun

BIG Brother fans were shocked after it was revealed a housemate will be evicted by post.

Tonight's installment will see another star booted from the house, but eagle-eyed viewers have figured out there's a cruel twist.

They were so shocked that some threatened to call Ofcom over the brutality of the eviction.

However, it's been revealed that the eviction has already happened – but just hasn't been aired yet.

AJ Odudu confirmed at the end of Big Brother's Late and Live that either Jordan, Henry, Matty, Noky, Olivia or Yinrun had already been evicted and would be interviewed tonight by Will Best.

Wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery, fans watched Big Brother's livestream, which is live for several hours after Late and Live.

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That's when they noticed that one of the housemates was missing from the house.

They also worked out that the house was sent emotional letters from home and that the housemate was evicted shortly after or during.

Two housemates were caught chatting on the livestream, as we don't want to spoil the result we are going to keep the names anonymous.

"What a way for ****** to go though, honestly," one said.

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"That was just crazy," the other person replied.

"That was disgraceful. But the only nice thing about h** exit is that it is legendary. It will be remembered for years to come. No one will forget the (person) that left during the letter reading,” they added.

One housemate said that it was "one of the most sombre moments of the show".

And if being sent home by an eviction letter isn't savage enough, fans also worked out that the person who was evicted didn't even read their own letter.

Another livestream clip sees one of the housemates say to the housemate who read the letter: "When you read it, I was wondering if****** was doing one of his/her dark jokes again."

There is a rumour floating around that says that inside the letter were the words: "unfortunately, your time is up".

While some found the creative eviction style humorous, some said that the show had taken things too far.

"thats the cruellest thing Big Brother's done this year tbh," one wrote.

"They evicted ******* with his/her letter from home? That’s horrible!" a second fumed.

"******** really got evicted via her/his letter from home nah that's evil" a third wrote.

"Production is going to hell if they actually evicted ****** via letter," said another.

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