Coronation Streets Ryan Connors online work exposed by Peter Barlow

Coronation Street: Ryan Connor considers online sex work

Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor’s (played by Ryan Prescott) online sex work could be on the cusp of being exposed as Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) overhears his dirty talk.

In upcoming scenes, Ryan receives a message from one of his O-Vidz subscribers offering to pay extra for a live video.

Carla Connor (Alison King) reminds a reluctant and distant Ryan that he is due to start his first shift at Underworld and not to be late.

Arriving for his first shift, Ryan starts off in the packing department but when he receives a message on his O-Vidz requesting a personal video, he nips to the loo to send some nude pics.

His plan to do both is put to a stop when he receives a message back telling him only a live video will do, and that they’ll pay him £500 for it, but will he leave work on his first day?

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Peter begins to wonder where Ryan is getting the money from but assures him that his fitness videos are really starting to pay off.

With things moving quickly, Ryan is nervous when he agrees to a call where he talks dirty to the guy who requested the video.

Unaware, Peter overhears his side of the conversation and tells Carla that he has figured out the reason why Ryan is spending so much time in his room, confessing to hearing him have phone sex.

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) overhears their conversation and is unnerved, before confronting Ryan to ask what is going on.

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Will Ryan reveal the truth to Daisy? Or will he pretend to be seeing someone new, leaving Daisy jealous?

Many fans are adamant that Daisy is one of the subscribers messaging Ryan, trying to keep an eye on him and their relationship to one side.

Taking to their Twitter, Ryan Glendenning asked: “Who do you think is behind the OnlyFans account? #Corrie”

@OrvilleLloyd replied: “I hope it is a man but it probably be Daisy,” as @TVMusings22 added: “Daisy imo.”

@k_heyrab commented: “Bet Daisy is getting Ryan’s exclusive feeds #Corrie.”

@MeeshyJay said: “Daisy is obsessed with Ryan #corrie.”

@RyanTheSoapking expressed: “Daisy is going to become obsessed with Ryan – I hope she doesn’t start stalking him like Justin did to her.” (sic)

Daisy and Ryan both still have feelings for one another, but if she is the mystery subscriber will she reveal the truth or continue hiding in plain sight?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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