EastEnders fans divided as the truth behind Reiss’ mystery wife is unveiled

It was another emotional night in Albert Square on Tuesday, when EastEnders finally revealed the secret behind Reiss Clowell’s mystery wife.

On Monday night’s episode, the truth that Reiss was already married was unearthed, when his current flame Sonia overheard him arguing with Rocky Cotton after being caught on the phone to the mysterious ‘Debbie.’

Shocked to realise that she had been played for a fool, Sonia dramatically threw Reiss out for being a liar and a cheat, just in time for the entire square to witness the brutal dumping.

However on Tuesday’s instalment of the hit BBC soap, it was revealed that things weren’t entirely as they seemed.

Having slept in his car overnight and been shunned by the majority of the people he had once called friends, Eve Unwin took pity on Reiss and brought him home for a cup of tea and a heart to heart.

Later in the episode, fans saw Eve speak to Sonia on Reiss’ behalf and urge her to hear him out, as she would “regret it” if she didn’t listen to what he had to say.

In heartbreaking scenes, it was soon revealed that Reiss’ wife was unconscious in hospital and had been for some time, after previously having suffered a massive stroke that left her unable to move or even swallow.

Taking Sonia to visit his wife in the hospital where she received round the clock care, he bravely opened up about what had happened and revealed just how lonely it had been forever talking to the woman he loved, but never able to receive an answer.

After hearing him out, Sonia was sympathetic and even explained how she could understand how tough it must have been for both Debbie and for Reiss, she even argued that she could understand why he had kept it a secret – but unfortunately it was the secrecy that had cemented their break up.

As Reiss professed his love with tears in his eyes, Sonia stubbornly refused to listen and instead confirmed that their relationship was over as she herself left the hospital in tears.

Fans at home were left divided by the scenes, as they felt both sorry for Reiss' predicament yet felt Sonia was right to end the relationship.

"I actually feel sorry for Reiss, I feel like he’s a genuinely misunderstood lovely person," wrote one fan.

Another then commented: "Feel so bad for Reiss. Honestly I do. But Sonia’s right, literally bringing in your mistress to see your comatose wife is seriously bad juju!"

With a third agreeing adding: "I feel sorry a bit now for Reiss due to his wife unwell but I think Sonia would have understood had she known about Debbie in the beginning but it’s the secrecy she don’t like."

"Reiss and Sonia breaking up was sad, they're so well suited and are super cute together. Can they come back from this?" asked another fan.

It wasn't all doom and gloom however, as several fans also applauded Eve for having given Reiss the friendly ear he needed in his hour of need.

"Eve being there for Reiss and letting him talk about his wife without judgement was a personal highlight for me. More of this dynamic please! Hope it develops into a proper friendship," wrote one fan.

Another viewer also agreed as they added: " Love that eve gave Reiss the time of day. i know what it feels like to be so misunderstood by everyone and nobody giving you the chance to explain yourself."

Will Sonia and Reiss be able to patch things up?

Eastenders continues Mon – Thurs at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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