EastEnders fans fear death twist after drug overdose scenes in wake of Cindy’s return

EastEnders fans are predicting yet more heartbreak for Cindy Beale and the Knight family, as a possible death twist for Gina Knight was teased in Wednesday's (30 August) episode.

In a dramatic turn of events, Gina collapsed from a drug overdose while partying in Peggy's.

Gina decided to go out and have a good time after her mum, Rose Knight, who is actually Cindy Beale turned up for the first time in nine years, interrupting her sister Anna's 21st birthday party.

Cindy sat her two daughters down and explained that she was in witness protection, and she left them in Spain after she found out that her other daughter, Lucy Beale, had tragically died.

Despite her honest explanation, Gina and Anna failed to believe her story, but Gina was even more apprehensive about her arrival.

In a sweet moment, Cindy appeared to get through to Gina before their dad, George, broke the news that she has not returned to Walford to find them; in fact she didn't know that they were there.

The news tipped Gina over the edge, and she headed to the club looking to forget all of her problems.

Gina has struggled with substance abuse, and it wasn't long before she got her hands on some drugs and went to the toilet in the club.

Afterwards she began falling over, raising concerns, but shortly after she collapsed on the floor, just as George and Cindy entered looking for her and Anna.

The episode ended with George getting his daughter in the recovery position and an ambulance being called.

While fans don't know what will happen to Gina, they are fearing that she may not recover and become yet another one of Cindy's children to tragically die young.

Taking to social media, one viewer tweeted: "I bet Gina will die of a drug overdose by the end of this year…

"Just as Cindy is coming back. It'll be like Ronnie and Danielle again."

While another said: "I have a feeling Gina will exit this show sooner than people think.

"I have a feeling she’s going to take a lethal overdose soon. No spoilers from tonight's episode, plus I’ve not read it anywhere, but I just a feeling it’s going to happen. The way it’s been going."

A third added: "Think you can pretty much kill them all off again, straight away right #EastEnders."

Finally, this viewer wrote: "Gina will be dead by Christmas…. Just finally reunited with Cindy, and she will have taken something dodgy."

EastEnders continues Thursday night at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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