EastEnders fans ’rumble’ Christmas murder twist after wedding cufflinks clue

With just three months left to go until EastEnders' Christmas murder flash forward storyline reaches it’s exciting conclusion, fans have been on the edges of their seat as they tried to decipher the mystery victim’s identity.

However, in a brand new twist, the popular BBC soap delivered yet another cryptic clue to fans as a pair of ‘cursed’ cufflinks transferred to a Walford favourite.

As regular viewers will know, one male character has been confirmed to die in shocking scenes this Christmas Day on Sharon’s wedding day, with the body of the man in a brief flash forward scene shown to be wearing a very specific pair of cufflinks.

But in Wednesday’s visit to Walford, when Phil Mitchell prepared to marry Kat Slater, Phil was gifted a pair of the aforementioned cufflinks by his his pal Jack Branning.

During a brief exchange, Jack revealed that the cufflinks had previously belonged to Nish Panesar, but that he had lost them in a poker game to Rocky Cotton.

Rocky having decided he didn’t have any need for the item, gifted them to Jack who had kept hold of them up until Phil’s wedding, when he finally gifted them to the waiting groom.

“Take care of these, they’re Nish’s so probably expensive,” warned Jack as he handed the cufflinks over.

“Cheers! Lost mine in a ruck I think,” quipped Phil, prompting a cheeky nod of concern from Jack before Sharon walked in and complimented Phil on how stunning the cufflinks were

With Phil now in possession of the cufflinks, fans have been quick to share their thoughts on social media about what this means going forward, with fans unsure whether Phil will still be in possession of the item by Christmas.

“Anybody else realise Phil’s cufflinks that are Nishes are the same ones from the flash forward body!!” Wrote one fan.

A second viewer then added: “Wondering how many times the cufflinks will change hands before Xmas but it is entertaining when they appear.”

Before a third chimed in and added: “The cufflinks are on the move. No way they’re staying with Phil til Christmas.”

A fourth added: “No! Get those cufflinks off of him! THIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS! #Eastenders.”

EastEnders continues Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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