EastEnders Phil Mitchell’s wives now – snubbing fame, £6m worth, living in attic

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    Actor Steve McFadden has kept fans across the nation entertained with his multifaceted portrayal of Phil Mitchell ever since he first joined the cast of BBC's EastEnders in February 1990.

    Son of the legendary Peggy Mitchell, hardman Phil has battled with alcoholism, gang related crimes and tough family troubles.

    With his hard-hitting storylines, Phil has often been the centre of controversy and comedy in the long-running soap.

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    But amongst all the drama, Phil has also had a very fruitful love life, with the ladies of Walford falling head over heels for his bad boy charm.

    He's walked down the aisle a fair few times too and Daily Star has taken a look at where his ex wives are now.

    Nadia Borovac – Anna Barkan

    Phil's first wife was a Romanian refugee named Nadia Borovac who he met in a bar.

    The couple married to ensure Nadia was able to stay in the country with ease, but things took an unexpected turn when Nadia returned to the Square when Phil was already in a happy relationship with Kathy Beale.

    Although Nadia initially agreed that she would leave Phil to his own devices, she later told him that they needed to make their marriage look more realistic for the Home Office so moved in with him.

    But when she continued to pursue Phil and eventually bedded him later that year, she was later run out of Walford by Phil's brother Grant who threatened her.

    Phil was later forced to cough up the cash when he wanted to marry Kathy Beale and wanted Nadia to release him from the original deal they had concocted.

    Since her time on EastEnders actress Anna Barkan starred in a few smaller roles but appeared to turn her back on showbiz as her last acting credit was all the way back in 2005.

    She now teaches acting and drama in a secondary school.

    Kathy Beale – Gillian Wright

    In 1993, Phil and Kathy Beale became one of the most iconic couples from the show when they first started dating.

    They later tied the knot and welcomed their son Ben.

    Although their relationship appeared to be a strong one, things became rocky when Phil decided to step out of his marriage and pursue a relationship with recovering alcoholic Lorna Cartwright.

    Once she discovered the truth about Phil's affair, heartbroken Kathy headed to South Africa with her son Ben in tow.

    But Kathy and Phil remained on good terms and Phil helped his ex Kathy out when she was faking her own death.

    Kathy who is also mother to Ian Beale is still a part of the popular BBC show.

    Kate Morton – Jill Halfpenny

    After his relationship ended with Kathy, Phil went on to have romances with the likes of Melanie Beale, Annie Palmer and Lisa Shaw.

    But Phil decided to leave marriage alone until he met Kate Morton.

    Phil and Kate first met in hospital when Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder) was dying following his tragic road accident.

    Kate told Phil that she worked as a nail technician, however it later came to light that Kate was undercover policewoman tasked by DI Marsden to take the Mitchells clang down for good and frame Phil.

    But as Kate got closer to Phil she genuinely fell for him and later decided to quit her job. The couple later married not so long after.

    However things became rather complicated between the pair when Phil's ex partner Lisa returned demanding he hands over their daughter Louise.

    At the end of their marriage, Kate decided to move back to Brighton when Phil was framed for assault.

    Since her time on EastEnders actress Jill Halfpenny has continued her acting career and has starred in TV shows such as The Holiday and The Drowning.

    Stella Crawford – Sophie Thompson

    In 2006, Walford residents were left stunned when Phil started to fall for his lawyer Stella Crawford, who many believed wasn't his type.

    But despite her meek demeanour Stella has become notoriously known as one of Phil's most dangerous lovers yet.

    Agreeing to marry Stella, Phil was unaware that she had been abusing his son Ben.

    Just before the couple said 'I do' at the alter, Ben opened up on his abuse, leaving Stella fuming.

    After a long chase ensued which saw Phil dramatically running after Stella for answers, the wicked lawyer jumped to her death from the top of an abandoned building.

    Sophie Thompson who played the gruesome character Stella is the sister to actress Emma Thompson.

    The star went on to star in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 in 2010 playing the role of Mafalda Hopkirk.

    Sophie revealed that despite her TV success, she lives in a modest attic in East London, saying: "[My home] is an attic in the East End of London and it's full of colour.

    "I always say to my mates, 'I'm in the eyrie', which is usually used to describe a bird's nest.

    "My money is mostly spent in cheese shops and charity shops. I get my whole wardrobe from the charity shop."

    Sharon Rickman – Letitia Dean

    Phil and former barmaid Sharon Watts had an off an on again relationship throughout the show's history.

    The couple first hit it off when Sharon cheated on Grant with Phil, causing a terrible rift in the Mitchell family and leaving viewers on the edges of their seats.

    The loved up pair later gave their relationship another go years later and finally tied the knot.

    But in true soap fashion, the marriage was rocky and the couple was rocked with a number of heart-wrenching ordeals.

    Earlier this year, to Sharon's disappoint, Phil was due to tie the knot with Kat Slater but in the end it wasn't to be.

    Sharon who is played by Letitia Dean is still a popular member of the soap and recently won The British Soap Award for Outstanding Achievement earlier this year.

    Due to her soap success and many profitable projects, Celebrity Net Worth puts the star's fortune at an estimated £6.5million.


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