EastEnders predict ‘evil’ Janine’s plan backfires as she frames Linda for crash

EastEnders viewers have dubbed Janine Butcher “pure evil” after she was seen moving Linda’s lifeless body into the driver’s seat after a devastating car wreck.

Janine is seen regaining consciousness following the crash and spots the severity of Linda's injuries.

Janine shows her true colours when she moves Linda’s body from the passenger seat and drags her into the driver’s seat before pouring vodka all over her.

In an attempt to cover up any forensic evidence, she is then seen wiping down the car for prints, hoping to leave no evidence she was ever in the car.

“Janine had done some baaaaad things in her time but what she just did to Linda is pure evil and surpasses pushing Barry off that cliff. Evil,” said one viewer.

“Typical Janine behaviour but you’ve just made me hate her even more. Bit*h.. hope they see the dirt n drag marks # EastEnders,” another added.

Others believe Janine will soon be caught out, with many viewers playing detective.

“Oh Janine…..they'll know someone moved her from the seatbelt marks, the drag marks, her mucky feet #Eastenders.”

While others wonder why she fled the scene, telling a stranger she stumbled across the wreck and didn’t know who Linda or baby Annie, who was also in the car, was.

“Why didn’t Janine pretend that Linda had taken the wheel? She could’ve received medical treatment and people would’ve believed her about Linda #EastEnders.”

Last night's instalment of the BBC soap saw Janine seek out a drunk Linda, who was stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Janine was desperate to stop Linda from spilling her secrets, after she tried to pay Linda to leave Walford forever – and conned Linda and Mick's daughter Nancy out of her savings,

Janine therefore began to drive Linda and her baby daughter, Annie, back to the Square.

All the while, she appealed to Linda to keep quiet to avoid losing new beau Mick.

During a heated argument, Janine lost control of the car and smashed into a tree.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Sharon realises that Mick and Nancy still don't know the truth about Janine's scheming.

She wonders if she should spill the beans herself, but she doesn't get a chance as the Carters receive a call from the hospital about the accident.

Nancy, Mick and Shirley are devastated at the hospital when they receive the news that Linda is in a critical condition and could die.

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