Emmerdale David quits village as Jacobs fling with Victoria is rumbled

Things are about to take a devastating turn in Emmerdale next week, as David Metcalfe discovers the truth about Jacob Gallagher and Victoria Sugden's secret romance.

It’s David’s birthday but the day already feels awkward for Victoria and Jacob as speculation continues to run high regarding who Jacob’s new girlfriend could be. Gabby appears to be the prime suspect but David worries that the subject is taboo because of Leanna, leaving Jacob feeling even worse about the whole ordeal.

Despite the gossip circulating amongst their friends and family, Jacob and Victoria can’t resist the opportunity to use the empty house for a bit of fun. However, the pair have to quickly scramble when David unexpectedly arrives home.

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Seeing straight through Jacob’s lies, and adamant that he wants to greet the "mystery" partner, David is shocked when Jacob tells him he was right – it’s Gabby. Hearing the conversation from upstairs Victoria listens in, cringing.

Once David leaves, Jacob reassures her Gabby will go along with his lies but Victoria starts to panic as she quickly realises she’s lost a bracelet David gave her. Meanwhile, back at the pub, David teases oblivious Gabby about Jacob and she's left feeling baffled.

Later on, when Victoria finds her bracelet on the floor at Jacob's she's enticed into a relieved kiss. But, unbeknownst to them, dumbstruck David has seen them through the window. How will David take the shocking news?

Last month, actor Joe-Warren Plant, who plays Jacob in soap, spoke to Digital Spy about his character's romance with Victoria played by Isabel Hodgins. When the pair's romance began to unfold on screen, fans of the show were concerned about the evident age gap between Victoria and Jacob.

Talking about their year 9-year difference, Joe said: "I don't think it really matters too much. The age gap between Jacob and Victoria is actually smaller than the one between David and Victoria. Also, Jacob is quite a mature character."

When asked how he felt about the storyline Joe, added: "It was a bit of a surprise but we were more than happy to do the storyline. It's going to get people talking and that's what we do it for, so it's been good."

Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David will soon be leaving the show for new pastures, but fans will have to wait and see if Victoria and Jacob is what will push his character over the edge.

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