Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Gail pregnancy bombshell and whether Ryan is the dad

Emmerdale: Gail gets a mystery phone call

Emmerdale fans seem to think newcomer Gail Loman (played by Rachael Gill-Davis) is pregnant – but is her boyfriend Ryan Stocks (James Moore) the father?

During Wednesday night’s ITV episode, Gail organised a romantic meal for her and Ryan in The Woolpack.

However, her mood quickly changed after she received a phone call from a mystery person.

“Now is not a good time can I call you back,” Gail told the person at the end of the call. “Thanks, bye.”

“Is everything alright?” Ryan asked as Gail replied: “It was just a scammer.”

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As soon as Ryan questioned Gail on why she would call a scammer back, she changed the conversation and went to the toilet, which is when she took the chance to ring the person back.

However, following the mysterious call, fans took to social media in droves to share their thoughts on what Gail is hiding from Ryan.

One fan guessed: “The barmaid? Yes, either she’s pregnant or she’s definitely hiding something.”

A second theorised: “I read that her mother is coming into it soon so we might find out more about her.”

While a third shared: “Gail is the one to watch, notice how silly she acted when she first came to Emmerdale now all of a sudden she is acting tough and being nasty l don’t trust her but l never took to her on her first day.”

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“I was thinking she’s pregnant,” another fan echoed.

In a previous interview, the actress who plays Gail opened up about what it was like landing the role in the ITV soap.

“I watched Emmerdale growing up so it was so unbelievable meeting the actors who play the characters I’ve been watching for so many years,” the actress shared.

“I had two days of filming in different locations.”

She added to the Blackpool Gazette: “Everyone was so nice, they were lovely. The character of Gail is very much like me.

“She’s a bit wacky and is into her music. She’s an old friend of Ryan Stocks who turns up and ends up being a possible love interest.

“This is my first television role so it was daunting but exciting. I’m hoping it will open new doors. My mum is a massive fan of the soap so we’re going to watch the episodes together.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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