Emmerdale icon 'quits role' for the fourth time in 25 years amid dramatic exit

Emmerdale star Samantha Giles is set to leave her role as Bernice Blackstock.

Samantha will say goodbye to Bernice for the fourth time later this year. She debuted in 1998 but often leaves to focus on other projects she enjoys.

Bernice arrived back in the Dales in 2021 and has been there ever since. Her returning storyline saw her attempt to stop Liam (Jonny McPherson) from marrying Leyla (Roxy Shahidhi).

Bernice’s efforts involved her declaring her love for Liam and even confronting Leyla while wearing a wedding dress! Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, as Liam and Leyla successfully tied the knot after Bernice accepted that he had moved on.

In recent months, Bernice teamed up with Bob (Tony Audenshaw) to take over the B&B after Eric (Chris Chittell) announced that he was selling up. Working together has seen Bernice and Bob form a surprising connection, which is developing right in the middle of a separate affair storyline.

Bob’s partner, Wendy (Susan Cookson), is currently sleeping with Liam after they bonded over their love for murder mystery dramas. At first, Wendy attempted to put a stop to the sneaking around, but it became apparent that she was very attracted to Liam – and she’s doing all of this with poor Bob completely oblivious!

Despite Bernice’s efforts to settle down with running the B&B, a change is on the way as she will say goodbye to the Dales later this year.

‘Bernice Blackstock has been in and out of the Emmerdale village more than they change the barrels at The Woolpack!’, a source told The Sun.

‘She’s always welcomed back with open arms by ITV and fans alike, but it’s now becoming a bit of a running joke. It wouldn’t pay to bet on whether Samantha will one day be back, but for now she will leave the soap later this year.’

Emmerdale had no comment to make when Metro.co.uk reached out.

Speaking about her return in 2021 and pursuing her love for other projects, Samantha said:

‘As an actress leaving a role that you love is always a hard decision and I’d been lucky to work so consistently for so long which is rare in our business, so I knew the time had come to be brave and take the leap back in 2019 to pursue my other passion of writing and focus on getting my first book published.

‘I’ve now had such a lovely response with Rosemary and The Witches of Pendle Hill and the down time of the pandemic meant I was able to complete my next two books. I’m a big believer in fate so when Emmerdale offered me the chance to return as Bernice I took it as a sign that it was meant to be.’

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