Emmerdale Samson blunder distracts viewers as fate confirmed amid death fears

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    Emmerdale fans have been left scratching their heads after Samson Dingle's (Sam Hall) fate was finally revealed.

    The youngster was last seen lifeless in a ditch following the deadly storm.

    With dad Sam Dingle (James Hootton) in hospital, stepmum Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) started a search party after noticing the teen hadn't arrived at his friend's house int two days.

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    During Monday's (October 24) episode, Mackenzie Boyd (Larwence Robb) and Noah Dingle went out in search of Samson where they found his body in the ditch and rushed him to hospital.

    Medical staff revealed that he had a suspected broken ankle and hypothermia as he told his family: "I was looking for my phone and lost my footing, I fell down the hill and broke my ankle on the way."

    Samson added that he dragged himself to the tunnel for shelter from the storm and covered himself in leaves to stay warm.

    As Samson described his terrifying ordeal, viewers couldn't help but point out how well the lad was looking.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Ooh he's up now and Samson looks amazing after no food and water and sleeping outside for three days."

    Another added: "Samson is looking good given he spent the last few night thrown outside!"

    A third person posted:"Samson looks well for someone who was alone in the cold with no food or water for three days."

    While a fourth social media user said: "Samson will be out and about before the end of the week."

    It wasn't long before Samson was urged to meet little Esther as Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) had given birth to their little girl in the same hospital.

    He reluctantly agreed and Amelia was pleased to witness the moment, and Samson's loved ones were happy to see him watching over the baby.

    However, as they waited outside the room, they didn't hear his true feelings emerge as Samson told Esther that he wasn't going to let her ruin his life.

    Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7.30pm

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