Even Samuel L. Jackson Doesnt Know If Hell Be Cast in Quentin Tarantinos Final Film

Quentin Tarantino’s last film is so under wraps that the Oscar winner is even keeping his longtime collaborators guessing.

“Pulp Fiction” star Samuel L. Jackson told the Los Angeles Times that he has no idea whether Tarantino will cast him in his magnum opus or not.

“I don’t know. He’ll tell me or he won’t tell me,” Jackson said. “I didn’t hear from him at all when he did the Hollywood movie [“Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”]. Usually, he’ll call me and say he’s doing something and ask how I feel about it.”

Jackson had to fight for his voiceover role in “Inglourious Basterds” and offered to learn French. “Like when he did the Nazi movie, he was like, ‘There’s nothing for you in this,’” Jackson said. ” ‘I can learn how to speak French.’ ‘No, I’m having a French guy.’ So I did the voice-over about celluloid and the movies.”

Tarantino announced in 2020 that he was looking to retire as a director and cap off his auteur career at 10 feature films. The “Reservoir Dogs” writer-director teased a “mic drop” movie, with ideas ranging from “Kill Bill 3” to a Spaghetti Western and even a horror film.

“I kind of feel this is the time for the third act [of my life] to just lean a little bit more into the literary, which would be good as a new father, as a new husband,” Tarantino said in 2020. “I wouldn’t be grabbing my family and yanking them to Germany or Sri Lanka or wherever the next story takes place. I can be a little bit more of a homebody, and become a little bit more of a man of letters.”

Tarantino has a two-book deal with HarperCollins, with Pauline Kael-inspired book of essays “Cinema Speculation” out October 25.

As for Tarantino and Jackson’s collaborations, Jackson has starred in six out of Tarantino’s nine films. Jackson’s sole Oscar nomination was for “Pulp Fiction” nearly 30 years ago.

“Everything I’ve done for Quentin has a moment that’s given me an opportunity, from ‘Jackie Brown’ to ‘The Hateful Eight’ to ‘Django [Unchained],’” Jackson said, before citing that “Django Unchained” may have been his “best shot” at another Oscars nom to date.

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