GMBs Susanna Reid scolds guest as they walk on set late for interview

Andrew Pierce gives alarm clock explanation on GMB

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid scolded Andrew Pierce after hearing the reason he wasn’t on time.

On Wednesday’s instalment of the ITV show, Susanna and Ed Balls were speaking to Kevin Maguire as he sat next to an empty chair waiting for Kevin to arrive.

After being told their other guest was in the building, Susanna commented: “We can do a little drum roll because Andrew Pierce has decided working from home no longer works for him.

“He’s made his way into the studio, welcome!”

As the camera panned to the broadcaster, viewers watched as staff were preparing him in the doorway by putting a mic on him.

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Walking to the panel, Susanna added: “Maybe smooth your hair a little bit? It’s got a little ruffle.”

Sitting down after his late arrival, the Good Morning Britain host asked Andrew if he had an explanation.

He replied: “Yes, I heard the clock and I thought I’d turn the clock (off) and I went back to sleep!

“I haven’t done that for years.”

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As Susanna and Ed Balls let out a drastic gasp at his story, Ed commented: “That is an amateur error.”

Stunned that Andrew only seemed to have one alarm clock to wake him up, the host questioned how many Susanna had.

She replied: “I have the alarm on my phone and I also press snooze, but then I have a backup alarm Andrew Pierce, schoolboy error.”

He confessed: “The backup alarm didn’t work and I won’t put my phone clock on because I don’t know how to work it.”

Laughing at his excuse, Susanna told Andrew she’d give him a tutorial on how to use the alarm on his phone after the programme.

Andrew replied: “You have children! Ed has children and I don’t.”

With Kevin swiping: “You’re just a child.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am

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