Gogglebox’s Siddiqui family debut new living room and switch up seats for latest series

Gogglebox viewers were left baffled as they noticed the Siddiqui family have had made a major reshuffle for the new series.

The room in which the trio comment on the latest TV shows has had a big makeover, with an outlandish wooden duck now in full view and brand new purple décor.

It's unclear if the family has moved house or just redecorated but viewers were left confused after the family decided to change their regular sofa spots.

Instead of sitting in their normal arrangement, with sons Baasit, 35, and Umar, 42 on the left and dad Sid on the right, the family decided to switch things up.

Viewers of the hit show took to Twitter, as one user quipped: "Finding it hard to deal with an upheaval to a familiar presence in life, & I’m referring to a change to the Siddiqui family’s sofa/seating configuration #Gogglebox."

Another befuddled fan wrote: "No no no no no. There’s been way too much change in this country already this week. I can’t deal with the Siddiquis sitting the wrong way round on top of everything else. #Gogglebox."

A third joked: "After this week I can’t cope with the Siddiquis new seating arrangement. Someone tell them to move back @C4Gogglebox #Gogglebox #siddiquisgogglebox."

"Siddiquis new house or is it 1 of the sons house #Gogglebox," added another fan, before a final one said: "Are the Siddiq's in a different house every series #Gogglebox."

The family from Derby are long-time regulars on Britain's favourite telly watching show. The trio are actually the longest cast members currently appearing, and started on the show when it started in 2013.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph when they found fame, Sid, the father of the family said: "If one of us says something or reacts to something in a shocked way the camera will zoom into us. We have become so used to it now it just feels like a normal evening."

Sid is a retired Power Engineer who worked within the NHS for 37 years.

For being on the show, according to The Sun, each family receives £1,500 per month and can share that out however they see fit.

Gogglebox returned on Friday night for a brand new series.


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