Im A Celeb fans disgusted as two campmates havent changed underwear yet

I'm a Celeb South Africa was designed to highlight the best of the best in terms of the survival of the fittest. But it appears that Shaun Ryder and Phil Tufnell have pushed the boat out further than necessary by wearing the same boxers throughout their entire time in camp.

On April 25, the nation gathered around their TV screens, in the hope of watching a nice evening's television. However, it didn't exactly work out that way.

In front of our very eyes, the former cricketer and the lead singer of The Happy Mondays bonded over their peculiar shared behaviour.

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Spotting Tufnell by the cooking utensils, Ryder beamed: "I like them pans, them big pans."

This confused the ex-England international, who revealed his underwear and asked: "These?"

Unsurprisingly baffled, the man famous for hits like 'Kinky Afro' responded: "No."

Realising his mistake, Tufnell corrected himself, saying: "Oh pans!"

Luckily, the pair chuckled over the mishap before the sportsman made his revelation.

Tufnell said: "I might have a change tomorrow. Have you changed?"

Rather than giving a puzzled 'obviously,' Ryder joined in on the madness, responding: "No. Not yet."

The bizarre television left viewers both outraged and in tears of laughter.

But that wasn't the only obscene piece of footage from last night's show.

Earlier in the episode, poor Jordan Banjo had to consume a pig's anus as part of the Bush Banquet.

As always, Ant and Dec stood on the sidelines chuckling like school children.

Ant told the dancer: "You've got to eat the anus served on the spoon to win one star."

In an attempt to offer some advice, Dec suggested: "Just think… It's a chicken wing."

Clearly angered by the ridiculous comment, Banjo fired back: "Well, it's not, is it… it's an a***hole, Dec! Like you two."

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