Inside Hollyoaks Anna Passeys life – co-star ex, second job and stunning home

Sienna Blake has regularly found herself in trouble in Hollyoaks, but her life off-screen isn't nearly as dramatic.

The star has recently teased a "dangerous" future for her on the show – and it's all finally coming to a head as the truth is exposed in upcoming scenes.

It comes as Sienna discovers the truth about Warren and Brody – but how will she take the news?

While viewers have been through many ups and downs with Sienna Blake over the past decade, actress Anna Passey's life could not be more different.

Daily Star takes a look at Anna's life – from her co-star romances, to her interesting business sideline.

Life before Sienna Blake

While Anna Passey is well known for playing Sienna Blake, the actress began her acting career in 2007 with a role in the TV film Last Flight to Kuwait.

Following roles in films including Two Days In The Smoke and TV series including Free Rein, it was not long before her acting talents were noticed by soap bosses – with Anna landing her now famous role as Sienna Blake in Hollyoaks in 2012.

She has since played Sienna for over 10 years, and during that time has been involved in some huge storylines including the birth of Sienna's twins and the character's battle with cancer.

Following the cancer story line, Anna paid tribute to the people who shared their own experiences of the disease with the actress and praised the soap's writers, saying in a tweet: "Shout out to all the amazing real life women who shared their experiences of cancer in pregnancy with me to help me with this storyline.

"I'm so proud of @Hollyoaks for telling this story."

Talking about the story to Digital Spy, Anna also added: "Apparently it happens quite a lot – where people don't have smear tests, don't get checked out, then they get pregnant and it's the first time anyone really has a good look around in there. So it's actually quite common for people to find out they have cancer when they're pregnant.

"Hopefully it will create some awareness and show people that it's better to get checked and find out ahead of time, rather than to be left in that awful situation."

Co-star ex

Many of the Hollyoaks cast have had relationships with their co-stars, including Anna Passey, who has dated two of her fellow cast members.

Anna had a long-term relationship with Lockie Campbell actor Nick Rhys, after the couple began dating in 2013.

Their relationship even spanned across the globe, after Nick moved to Los Angeles to take up acting roles in the city.

In 2018, Sienna opened up about their long-distance relationship with What's On TV, saying: "Nick's in Los Angeles at the moment so it's rather a long-distance relationship.

"It's not always easy with him on the other side of the world but that's often what you get when you date another actor. Maybe I should have chosen a plumber or something – only joking!

"I've just been out to California to see him actually – and to catch up with other friends who live there. I had a great time."

However their romance sadly did not last, and the couple parted ways later that year.

Famous boyfriend and second job

Although Anna and Nick's relationship did not last, the actress later went on to date another one of her Hollyoaks co-stars, Kyle Pryor, who played Laurie Shelby before leaving the soap in 2019.

In 2020, Anna and Kyle even started a candle business together called Kip Candle Co, with Anna telling fans on social media: "So @kylepryor and I have been working on a little passion project. Can I introduce you to @kipcandleco

"We are so excited to launch our hand-poured, eco soy wax candle range. We hope you love them!"

The loved up couple are still together, with Anna revealing the sweet surprise gift that Kyle bought her in the same year – a surfboard.

She revealed during an interview with Inside Soap that Kyle loves to surf, but that their trip to surf the waves in Portugal was cancelled during the pandemic.

However, Anna planned to get plenty of practice in before they took off on their first surfing holiday, saying: "One day, the doorbell rang and there was a surfboard waiting for me, so I realised I had to properly learn how to do it!

"It's quite a commitment – however, it's really addictive. It's taken me a while, but I'm finally at a point where I'm competent and know what I'm doing. It's a lot of fun!"

Stunning home

When Anna is not on our TV screens or practicing her surfing skills, she can be found sharing snaps of her stunning home on social media – including the many gatherings she has with friends.

That star has given fans a glimpse into her gorgeous home in a series of Instagram posts, including one adorable snap of her dog sat on a chair at the kitchen table.

Her home has a vintage vibe, complete with a dark wood fireplace, decorated with a rustic clock and surrounded by bouquets of flowers.

The star regularly mixes vintage furniture with a modern aesthetic, creating a classy and eye catching decor, which is regularly admired by fans.

As well as classic art work prints and a record player sat on top of a wooden chest, Anna's home has a party atmosphere – complimented by photographs of the actress entertaining friends and family in one of its many rooms.

She even shared a snap of her friends cooking in her incredible kitchen, showing one of the many ways that Anna likes to relax away from Hollyoaks.

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