Joan Collins pays tribute to Queen as she shares fondest memory ‘Hope she’s watching’

Queen’s Jubilee: Joan Collins shares ‘fondest memory’ of Queen

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations are coming to an end with the Platinum Pageant solidifying her 70 years on the throne. More than 10,000 people are due to take part in the procession as they take a look through the eras and walk past the gates of Buckingham Palace. Taking part in the parade is Dame Joan Collins and Dame Darcey Bussell and they revealed their memories of meeting the Queen.

Speaking to the ladies in their Jaguar cars, presenter AJ Odudu asked: “The excitement here is palpable, there is so much movement as everyone is readying themselves for the beginning of the pageant.

“And joining me right now is the creme de la creme of the entertainment royalty, Dame Joan Collins and Dame Darcey Bussell!

“Ladies, you are sat in a Jaguar, no guesses on what you will be doing in the pageant today, are you excited?”

Joan exclaimed: “I am beyond excited, AJ, it is brilliant, and it is going to be one of the greatest days I think that London has ever seen, don’t you think, Darcey

Darcey agreed and added: “I feel very honoured and unbelievable to think that we are making history here.”

AJ went on to ask the ladies what their fondest memories of meeting the Queen were, to which Joan revealed: “Well, strangely enough, she loves the theatre.

“We were at a performance at Buckingham Palace of my fair lady by some students, and we had a full discussion about the theatre and how much she loves the theatres.

“She knew the play, she had performed the play when she was a little girl, so she really does know.

“But I hope she is watching this because I think she is going to adore it, it is just so exciting, the vibe is extraordinary here everybody is really excited.”

AJ also asked Darcey what her fondest memory of the Queen was after hearing a rumour that she admitted she didn’t enjoy the ballet.

Darcey explained: “She has been very honest and what I love about her is that she is on a personal level.

“She will speak to you totally frankly, she always supports us, and she will come to so many performances we have been so lucky.

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“But she has said to me very frankly and said I think I have seen enough ballet for the year, and it was opera as well.”

The pageant’s 3km route will be similar to the one taken by the Queen at her coronation in 1953.

The pageant will be split into four acts: For Queen and Country, The Time of Our Lives, Let’s Celebrate, and Happy and Glorious, all organised by pageant master Adrian Evans LVO.

Act One saw the UK armed forces being celebrated as well as the military from across the Commonwealth.

The second is the large production showcasing popular culture in Britain from the 1950s through to modern times, all of which the Queen has experienced.

150 national treasures such as John Craven, Sir Cliff Richard, Dame Shirley Ballas, Naomi Campbell, Arlene Phillips and Dame Joan Collins have all shaped British culture.

Let’s Celebrate consists of street performances, taking concepts from Carnival, May Day, Mela, Fiesta and Mardi Gras to make one large creative party.

To end the celebrations. Everyone will gather around the Queen Victoria memorial outside Buckingham Palace to sing the national anthem, featuring a special tribute.

The Platinum Pageant is available to watch on BBC One and to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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