Joanna Lumley in tears as she warns of major ‘change’ for UK once Queen dies

Joanna Lumley says we cannot 'second guess the future' for Royals

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Joanna Lumley became emotional as she welcomed the Queen’s ability to put in a final Buckingham Palace balcony appearance to mark the end of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The actress noted Britons will have to prepare for a significant “change” when Her Majesty is no longer with us but that she made sure to offer insight on the future of the Royal Family. Speaking to Sky News, Ms Lumley said: “It’s extraordinary.

“We’re living in something, an age that will be remembered and envied in future centuries.

“We lived in this Elizabethan Age and I think the world is a soubriquet, rather like we had Richard Lionheart and things like this, I think she’s Elizabeth The Legendary.

“I just think a change is going to come and we’ve all got to be prepared for it and I love this country so much, I care so much that all is well.

“And I can’t bear the idea of any friction or people being cross about stuff.”

She added: “And I think the Queen has done her very, very dazzling best to say, ‘all will be well, this is how it’s going to work.’

“They’re happy tears, they’re emotional tears.”


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