John Barrowman fights tears as he recalls senseless killing in Berlin

John Barrowman emotional after witnessing Berlin 'terrorist attack'

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John Barrowman and his husband Scott Gill appeared on Sky News on Wednesday afternoon live from Berlin, Germany to report on the incident where a car drove into a crowd of people. The vehicle was driven into people on Rankestraße near Gedächtniskirche Memorial Church in Berlin. Initially taking to social media to share information from the ground, John had to sit by a “tree in case anything else came” down the road. Now safely inside, he appeared on Sky News, where he broke down into tears as he discussed what happened.

One fatality has been reported, with multiple people suffering injuries.

Actor John and his partner witnessed the aftermath of the tragic incident.

He said: “About 10 o’clock this morning we decided to go and buy a couple of t-shirts and things, as Scott’s going to a wedding and we are going on vacation beyond here.

“We heard a noise when we were in the store, and we came outside to see police just zooming down the road.

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“There was a cafe across from us that had all of the chairs barrelled over and smashed through, and I think a Reno Cleo, a silver one that had looked like it had driven into the window.”

At first, the pair thought it was an accident as he added: “We thought it was an accident that we thought was inside the store.

“So we started walking our way up the street, and it was about two city blocks we walked up, and then the police just swarmed, and we saw the dead person in the middle of the road, covered.”

Explaining how the pair had just had dinner in that area last night, they couldn’t quite believe what had happened.

“Anyway, it is not what we wanted to wake up to. We were having such a lovely time, and we were sharing it with all of my fan family on social media as we do with all our vacations and everything we do and never did I…”

It was at this moment the actor had to pause as the gravity of the situation appeared to hit him and he began to get choked up.

He apologised as he tried to continue: “Never did I in my life think I would be in the middle of a terrorist attack.”

His partner, Scott, also looking emotional, comforted the teary-eyed Doctor Who star as he spoke.

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Cutting back to the news anchor as John looked down with his hand up to his face, he began to cry, and the news anchor added: “A pretty difficult thing to witness.”

Not long before, as the TV personality mentioned, he had reported from the scene on social media.

Sharing a series of videos and updates with his 505,000 plus Twitter followers, he said: “Update from the horrible situation in Berlin…We are ok. Jb.”

“It’s really pretty bad guys,” John said in another clip.

In a longer description, he added: “If I’m pointing to you from the road, up there, the car came down onto the pavement, we had dinner in that restaurant last night, the car came down onto the pavement and has some onto the road over there, has hit somebody and then has gone down the road and has come back onto the pavement down that way, and come back onto the pavement and gone through a bunch of people, gone through the photograph I posted of a cafe and right into a storefront window.”

Initial police reports said 30 people were injured, but the total was later revised down to eight and over 100 emergency service personnel had been at the scene.

Berlin police said on Twitter: “A man is believed to have driven into a group of people. It is not yet known whether it was an accident or a deliberate act.”

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