Kate Lawler 'hits back' at skinny shamers with food post after cruel trolls say she 'triggers them' | The Sun

KATE Lawler appeared to hit back at skinny-shamers after she shared a clip of her eating her dinner.

It comes after trolls accused the mum-of-one of promoting anorexia with her recent holiday snaps.

Radio star Kate, 43, posted a video of her enjoying a plate of pasta, while relaxing on the sofa in a pair of pink leopard print pyjamas.

Showing fans her dinner, the Big Brother star captioned it: "Makeup off, pyjamas on, pasta served, MAFS to go."

Some fans were quick to back the star and said she had nothing to prove.

One wrote: "You know what Kate. I feel like you're trying to prove to the trolls that you're eating. You girl are funny, beautiful, well actually hilarious, so just do what you do and f*** them."


Trolls say my pic ‘triggered anorexia’ – but I’m healthy, says Kate Lawler

Kate Lawler slams skinny-shamers as she’s called ‘attention seeker’

Another posted: "Still waiting for the Karen's to post."

Kate was forced to defend herself after she was “body shamed” when she shared a shot of her in a strapless orange top and sun-hat.

It divided opinion, with one follower writing: “You look like you’ve got a serious calorie deficit."

“She really looks skeletal” and “What message are you trying to send to young girls?” said others.

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Some even likened her physique to that of fellow Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame, who died in 2021 aged 38, after a lifelong battle with the eating disorder.

Kate has since told The Sun: "I honestly couldn’t believe it. To compare me to her is outrageous and so insensitive to Nikki’s family.”

She pointed out the “double standards” of a society in which plus-size women are hailed for flaunting curves, while slender ones are trolled.

Kate said: “If someone is on Instagram showing their curves and grabbing their rolls, it’s all, ‘You go girl, well done you!’

“They’re celebrated, called real women. Well, why can’t a real woman be a healthy size eight? It’s crazy.”

“I’m slim, not skinny, and I’m healthy. My BMI is within the ideal range.

“I’ve varied between 8st 4lb and 8st 8lb since the Nineties.

“I went down to 8st in my twenties when I wasn’t looking after my body, but the only time I was bigger was in Big Brother in 2002.


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“I put on a stone because I was sitting around for weeks eating junk and drinking sugary, alcoholic drinks.

“This is just my size. Other than walking the dogs, I don’t exercise. I’ve got a fast metabolism.”

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