Kim Kardashian’s acting gets rave reviews American Horror Story debut

Fans of American Horror Story were taken aback by one of the guest stars on the show, none other than Kim Kardashian herself.

Despite initial scepticism about her acting abilities, viewers were surprised by her performance, considering it much better than expected.

Kim's character, a publicist for an Oscar nominee, was shown in a scene where she berates her client for her perceived lack of drive and enthusiasm in pursuing an Oscar.

The surprise among viewers stemmed from Kardashian's solid performance rather than any shortcomings, as she convincingly portrayed the role of Hollywood businesswoman Siobhan.

Kim, although primarily known for her reality TV appearances, demonstrated a knack for the role that seemed tailor-made for her glamorous image.

Viewers found her acting in line with the series' style, commending her for mastering the deadpan, campy delivery that American Horror Story often thrives on.

Despite the initial concerns of the reality star being a stunt casting, many were genuinely impressed with Kim's performance.

One Twitter user wrote: “Not Kim being the breakout star of this new AHS Season… she’s great.”

Another added: “new ahs actually looks to be slightly scary and have a lot of potential + kim surprised me her acting is decent #AHSDelicate.”

A third quipped: “Kim is literally playing Kris in AHS.”

A fourth penned: “is it just me or is kim kardashian actually eating her role on ahs delicate.”

In the latest season of American Horror Story, based on Danielle Valentine's book Delicate Condition, the trailer teases a freaky ulterior motive for Kim’s character as she supports A-lister and good pal Anna Victoria Alcott (played by franchise regular Emma Roberts ) in her challenging pursuit of pregnancy.

"You have a peculiar penchant for turning dreams into nightmares," Siobhan tells Anna, who seems to be experiencing deranged, terrifying visions.

Commenting on Kim's major casting earlier this year, American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement: "Kim is among the biggest and brightest television stars in the world and we are thrilled to welcome her to the AHS family.

"Emma and I are excited about collaborating with this true force in the culture. Halley Feiffer has written a fun, stylish and ultimately terrifying role especially for Kim, and this season is ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done."

Despite an undeniable buzz of excitement surrounding the news, one person who didn't appreciate Kim's involvement was screen veteran Patti LuPone, who herself appeared across two seasons of the scary anthology.

Appearing on US talkshow What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in May, the 74 year old took part in the 'Do! They! Give a Damn!?' segment with fellow guest John Leguizamo, as the host brought up Kim's surprise casting.

"Yes I do [give a damn]!" Patti declared with gritted teeth. When the host asked: "You don't like it, do you?" Patti confirmed rather frankly: "No I don't!"

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