Love Island fans tickled by Indiyah and Amber struggling with Ikenna's name

Love Island viewers were in stitches on Tuesday after hearing Indiyah Polack and Amber Beckford butcher poor Ikenna Ekwonna’s name as they discussed him.

It turns out, not only were neither of them certain on the pronunciation of his name, but the specifics – including spelling – were a bit hazy too.

As the two discussed Indiyah’s reaction to being coupled up with him, Amber was laughing at Indiyah for calling him what sounded like ‘Ikano’

‘Sorry, what did you just call him?!’ she cackled.

However, after Indiyah, who admitted she felt ‘disrespectful’ not knowing his name properly, asked Amber for her input, she could only offer vague letters towards its spelling.

An ‘i’, two ‘k’s’ and an ‘a’, spelling… ‘Ikka’? (We’re getting there)

It certainly seems that her initial incredibly underwhelmed reaction to Ikenna seems to be holding from Love Island’s launch episode after the pair were put together through a public vote.

‘His name begins with an I,’ posted one fan in disbelief over the scene, while another exclaimed in capitals: ‘They can’t remember his name!’

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