MAFS star Tasha details ‘horrific’ scene that never aired

Married At First Sight UK star Tasha Jay found love on the E4 show with boyfriend Paul Liba – however, it wasn't all smooth sailing for the couple.

The 25-year-old has revealed to OK! in an exclusive chat that one "horrific" scene didn't make it into the show – in which Paul gave Tasha food poisoning with his cooking.

Tasha wasn't the only one struck down by Paul's dodgy cooking however, with their co-stars Rozz Darlington and Thomas Kriaras eating the dodgy dish.

When asked which moments weren't aired on the show, Tasha said, "Paul can't cook. There was one night where Paul cooked spaghetti bolognese for me, Thomas and Rozz.

"It was an absolute mess and both me and Rozz got ill. It was honestly horrific," she laughed.

Tasha also added that she wished MAFS had aired scenes where she'd talked about diabetes as the reality star has Type 1 diabetes.

"I also wished they’d shown my diabetes because that played a massive part in mine and Paul’s relationship," she said. "It would have been really educational and a lot of people have reached out to met about it and wish it had been shown."

Paul added, "I thought I knew about diabetes but when I met her, I realised I knew less than nothing.

"You don't realise how much it affects a person – it affects her moods, how she acts, so much of your life is actually affected by diabetes."

Tasha and Paul took part in the most recent series of Married at First Sight and while they had their ups and downs, they're now planning on moving to Manchester together.

Speaking to OK!, Tasha said, "It’s just about finding the right time and the right place. We don’t want to rush into it or just move somewhere for the sake of it.

"I’m living in Leeds and Paul is living in London but the long distance has worked for us because we’re both busy. We still speak morning, noon and night, so it works."

Tasha became a fan favourite on the show, with some fans loving her facial expressions when reacting to MAFS drama.

When seeing Tasha and Paul react to co-stars Shona and Brad passionately kissing at the dinner table, one fan wrote, "Tasha's disgust face was exactly how I felt looool #MAFSUK."

Married at First Sight UK is available to stream online on Channel 4

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