Martin Lewis fights to hold back tears as funeral imagery brings back mums death

Martin Lewis tried to hide his sadness during Good Morning Britain having watched archive footage of a young Prince William and Harry walking behind the coffin of their mother, Princess Diana.

The Duke of Sussex and William the Prince of Wales will today walk alongside their father King Charles III behind Queen Elizabeth II's casket as it travels through London.

During this morning's GMB show, presenters Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid looked back at the upsetting scenes that took place when the two brothers walked behind Princess Diana’s coffin at age 12 and 15.

It hit home for the Money Savings Expert, after his own mother passed away just before his 12th birthday, after a collision with a lorry.

Relating strongly to William and Harry, whilst he watched the footage, the host said: "I mentioned this earlier I wasn’t going to say on-air, it resonates very powerfully with me as someone who has lost their mother at the same age as Harry was at the time in a road accident."

Martin continued: "I find it very difficult to watch, thank goodness I wasn’t forced to walk behind, I didn’t even go."

Speaking to Susanna, he continued: ‘It does bring back…. you carry on. We’ll move on.’

In an effort to support Martin, his co-host added: "I know Martin. When events like this come up, which are very triggering of private grief, we totally understand."

Viewers watching the show tweeted out in support of the money-saving expert.

One person tweeted: "Very brave of Martin Lewis to tell his story during such an emotional time."

Another added: "‘I’m sure his mum would have been so proud of the man he turned out to be."

A third person said: "My heart went out to you today, like yourself I lost a parent at an early age. (10). I was made to go to the funeral and had nightmares for a long time after and it turned me away from god who I blamed for my dad's passing for years. Mum would be very proud of you."

The financial guru has been hosting the show as he tries to guide people through the current cost of living crisis.

Martin was originally due to start present the show earlier in the week, but due to the death of the Queen is guest presenting slot was postponed.


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