Meet the rising star behind Anya from The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club: Netflix release trailer for horror

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The Midnight Club has proven to be a Netflix hit and viewers were treated to many surprising revelations along the way. Over the course of the series, they got to know the breakout stars, including the actress who plays Anya. has all you need to know about who is behind the sharp-tongued character.

Who plays Anya in The Midnight Club?

Anya is one of the more rebellious patients at Brightcliffe Hospice and she is an amputee from Ireland.

She has a cold exterior and comes across as unbreakable, but on the inside, she cares a lot for those closest to her.

The fiery character has caught the attention of viewers and they are keen to find out more about the actress.

Anya is played by Ruth Codd, who made her acting debut in The Midnight Club, and she has made a great impression in her first on-screen role.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed as she is due to appear in another Netflix project, The Fall of the House of Usher.

She is not unfamiliar with the world of TV as she worked as a makeup artist on the video short titled Scustin: The Killer, back in 2020.

Her brilliant makeup skills are showcased on her Instagram account and she has left her followers in awe.

The star is a disability awareness advocate, saying in her Instagram bio: “What I lack in limbs I make up for in charisma.”

Her social media page is also dedicated to her beloved dog, Betty, and she is certainly an animal lover.

Fans of the series who use TikTok may recognise the star from the social platform as she often showcased her makeup and fashion knowledge there.

The Wexford native, who is in her mid-20s, gained a huge fan following on the video-sharing app.

She used the platform to raise disability awareness, but at the end of 2021, she deleted all of her videos.

Responding to concerns from fans, she commented: “Guys, I’m A-ok. Thank you for your concern.

“My health wasn’t great, so I just decided to step away from social media for now. Love you all.”

She added: “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I genuinely didn’t think anyone would notice I was gone.”

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The amputee actress became known and loved for educating her fans and spreading awareness through her funny videos.

She opened up about how TikTok became an educational app for her and gave her a platform to showcase other aspects of her personality.

In an interview with Hunger, she said: “My amputation is a little part of me, but I still have other things going on.

“My channel isn’t just me saying ‘Hi, I have one leg’, it’s about other aspects of my life too.”

She said she explored bad experiences through humour and felt she had a dark sense of humour herself.

On why she posted videos with comedic value, she said: “It shows people that it’s normal to talk about.”

Hopefully, viewers will get to find out more about how making her acting debut has changed her life.

The modest star has kept out of the media spotlight up until now, but that could all change as she continues to gain more fans.

The Midnight Club is on Netflix now.

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