Never Have I Ever Season 3 Premiere Recap: Did 'Daxton' Do It?!

When Never Have I Ever returns for Season 3, Devi Vishwakumar and Paxton Hall-Yoshida’s relationship is as high-school public as it gets, right down to walking the hallways hand-in-hand. So why isn’t Devi happy about her hard-won relationship status?

The quick answer: haters. The longer answer: the gossipy trio of Shira, Zoe and Carley, who assume Devi must be a “slut” in order to keep Paxton’s attention. And when Devi marches up to them and announces that she and Paxton haven’t slept together yet, the ladies quickly pivot to celebrating the fact that he’ll likely be single again soon — because there’s no way he’ll stay with Devi if they’re not having sex.

So, Devi decides she’s going to do the deed with Paxton. Eleanor, Aneesa and Fabiola cheer her on during a pre-date summit. Kamala, having guessed what’s up, counsels her cousin to be sure she’s really ready to take such a big step. And on the big night, Devi and Paxton are making out on his futon with their shirts off when she scrunches her eyes shut, braces for impact and tells him, “I’m ready. Just put it in me, and get it over with.” (Oh honey.)

Paxton definitely does not do as asked, telling Devi that if she’s not ready to have sex, they can take it as slowly as she likes. She worries that her definition of “slow” may differ from his, but he assures her that they have all the time in the world. And then, fully clothed, they cuddle and watch TikToks.

At school soon after, Devi realizes that Zoe, Carley and Shira don’t even remember their cutting comments to her. “She was nothing to these girls, so maybe what they said should mean nothing to her,” John McEnroe voiceovers. Happy ending, right? Well… at dinner that night, Devi gets an anonymous message warning her: “You better watch out, Devi. Paxton Hall-Yosidha is not who you think he is.” Uh-oh.

In other Never Have I Ever news:

* Ben and Aneesa are still dating, but he seems dismayed that she’s not as academically insane as he is.

* Eleanor and Trent kiss in the hallway after history class, marking the official start of their couplehood.

* Meanwhile, poor Fabiola and Eve break up after Eve abruptly moves to South Korea and their attempts at a long-distance relationship cause Fab’s sleep to suffer and her grades to slip.

* Kamala apologizes to Prashant for running out on that dinner, and he confirms he was planning to propose. After she says she’s not sure she wants to marry anyone, they officially break off their relationship.

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