Next James Bond movies ‘new M star’ breaks silence on those 007 rumours

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It’s been almost two years since Daniel Craig bowed out of the 007 franchise in No Time To Die, but just who will replace him?

As those next James Bond rumours swirl around the likes of bookies’ favourites Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill, there have been other names for co-star parts coming up too.

The Sun previously reported that This Country’s Daisy May Cooper was in talks to replace Ralph Fiennes as MI6 chief and Bond’s boss M.

An insider at the time said: “Daisy is a close pal of [No Time To Die script doctor] Phoebe [Waller-Bridge], whose involvement in Bond was such a success that it sparked an unlikely conversation.

“Suddenly the production team were getting excited about the prospect of really taking M in a different direction.”

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The source continued: “With Daniel leaving, it seemed the time to start looking at changes across the board and the dynamic between Bond and M is at the heart of the films.

“So this opens the door to it being a bit lighter and more comedic going forwards — and will of course impact the direction the new 007 goes in too.”

Now Cooper has broken her silence and unveiled the source of what appear to be baseless rumours.

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Cooper told NME: “I think it was on the radio… they were discussing who they want to be the next M and then somebody mentioned my name and from then it just went like fucking wildfires. I had the Daily Mail knocking at my parents’ door at night…

Nevertheless, she added with a chuckle: “Yeah, give me a f***ing part… move over Dench!”

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