Outlander boss admits re-shooting ending of key Brianna graveyard scene

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outlander. 

An Outlander executive producer has shared an important moment in the seventh series had to be filmed again after watching the episode back.

The time travel drama made a comeback earlier this year for its penultimate series with Starz subscribers hooked from its big premiere.

This has been a big season for the Fraser family as it saw Brianna (played by Sophie Skelton) and Rodger (Richard Rankin) travel back to the future with their children Jemmy and newborn Mandy.

The family had to do so as Mandy had a heart defect which was unable to be treated in the past so they made their way through the stones and into the 1980s to save her.

Of course, this has meant Brianna being away from her parents and have yet to be reunited so it’s unclear when they will see each other again.

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Season seven’s fifth episode Singapore ended with a touching moment where Brianna goes to the stones and speaks to her mum and dad, even though she knows they cannot hear her.

However, according to executive producer Matthew B Roberts, this wasn’t always going to be the ending planned for the episode.

Speaking on the official Outlander podcast, Roberts explained: “We re-jiggered it and re-shot the ending of this episode to break the scene up, to bookend the story.

“And in the end, I think it really works.

“That’s when the story ended originally, with Ticonderoga, everybody was going away and when I watched it, I was like ‘Well Bri’s story didn’t really have an ending, other than she’s in the pub with those guys.’

“And I go ‘that wasn’t a great ending for that character.’”

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Roberts continued: “So now she goes in, she finds the cairn, and the bookend is she’s proud of herself because she knows her dad would be proud of her.

“And she has that strength that he gave her and her mum gave her, that she is able to walk through that threshold and come here and have a conversation with her dad.

“Because we want to keep the spirit of them being together without being together.

“It’s kind of like what we did in season three where in season three, Jamie and Claire weren’t together for the first six episodes but we wanted to keep the feeling they were together.

“They were always thinking of each other, Claire looks out the window and she sees a bird and thinks of Jamie and Jamie’s always thinking of Claire.

“We wanted to keep that going here too and for me, this was the strongest ending for this particular episode and we wanted to have her keep talking when we go to black.

“And maybe those words are finding Jamie and Claire somewhere in the ether.”

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As of yet, there has been no news on when Outlander will be returning for the rest of the seventh series.

The drama was last seen in August and sadly, due to the Hollywood writers and actors’ strikes, production on the episodes have been delayed.

Nevertheless, it is thought the romantic drama will be returning to the small screen in early 2024 so hopefully the wait will soon be done and dusted with.

Outlander is available to watch on Starz.

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