Ricky Gervais calls coronavirus a 'c**t ' as he gets his first jab

RICKY Gervais called coronavirus a "c**t" today as he received his first jab.

The After Life star, 59, scrunched up his face as the vaccine was injected into his arm.

Ricky, who told fans he hates needles, was dressed all in black and had some choice words for the virus.

He captioned his snap: "Take that, you COVID C**t!"

The star didn't reveal which type of vaccine he received.

Good Morning Britain's Richard Arnold commented: "Amen."

While a fan wrote: "The King is safe."

Another said: "Yesssss Rick."

The comedian also faced a torrent of abuse from anti-vaxxers who voiced their disappointment in the star for getting his jab.

It shouldn't have come as a surprise to them though, with Ricky revealing he was keen to be vaccinated in a January interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Explaining he had registered to get a jab, he told the telly host: "You put in the details and it tells you where you are and there's like 30 million people ahead of me.

"How could I not be vulnerable; look at me, It's so annoying."

He then joked: "I will fight an old lady for that vaccine, like Game Of Thrones. I would be like a deranged junkie. I will grab the needle right out of her arm."

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