Sad exit confirmed for Sarah in Emmerdale as she leaves for good?

Faith (Sally Dexter) discovers Sarah (Katie Hill) with her suitcase packed, ready to leave Emmerdale for good in an upcoming episode – but what’s happened to make her reach such a decision?

Sarah hasn’t had an easy time of it over the years, having to overcome a lot of medical problems along the way. She suffered from a rare genetic disease called Fanconi anaemia which led to leukaemia and a bone marrow transplant. Having overcome this she went on to have throat cancer, and also needed a heart transplant after the chemo she received affected her heart.

After all this you’d think her family would worry about her a lot, but in recent weeks everyone has been preoccupied with Noah (Jack Downham). After he was caught harassing Chloe (Jessie Elland) and Charity (Emma Atkins) turned him in to the police, Charity has been frantic with worry that her actions might lead to her son going to prison.

When the day of his sentencing arrives, Charity is naturally focused on that – but what’s she’s forgotten is that it’s her granddaughter Sarah’s birthday that very same day. No wonder poor Sarah is upset – her family have apparently completely forgotten her.

Chloe offers to throw her a birthday party to try to make up, but when Charity appears later and is totally preoccupied with Noah and has no time for Sarah, Sarah makes the drastic decision to pack her case and leave the village for good.

As Faith sends a message to Charity telling her what’s going on, will Charity be able to rescue the situation?

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