Saturday Kitchen guest forced to apologise to Matt Tebbutt

Saturday Kitchen Matt Tebbutt forced to apologise for blunder

Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt was joined by chefs Big Zuu, Genevieve Taylor and guest Ivo Graham on Saturday morning.

Discussing what he would be making for his guests, Matt explained how the dish was going to be a bit spicy, with the mango being a cooling agent within the dish.

However, struggling with the heat from Big Zuu’s dish earlier in the show he revealed holding up a cup: “This is milk.

“This is model’s own because my mouth is on fire,” to which Big Zuu could be heard in the background laughing: “I’m sorry bro. I apologise.”

Hitting back, Matt added: “Yeah… that was spicy! Really spicy! Someone said, ‘You’re like a toddler’ giving me my cup of milk.”

Moving on to talk about the new series of Taskmaster, Ivo quickly said: “I too a burning with bonnet, it is so spicy!”

Earlier in the show, Big Zuu explained what he would be cooking and said: “Back in the kitchen, this is called Big Zuu’s super malt ribs with seared potatoes and jalapeno coleslaw.”

When sitting down to eat the dish, Matt exclaimed to Big Zuu: “That is hot! That is really hot…” before Ivo asked: “If I see a bit of big red bonnet, is that best to avoid?”

Big Zuu simply agreed before Ivo went on to explain a previous incident he had with a scotch bonnet.

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“A few years ago I was at a friend’s house for a party. She was making something with a scotch bonnet.

“I went into the kitchen and picked what I thought was a nice bit of tomato out of the vegetable dish.

“But it was the bonnet that was flavouring everything and I had to go home immediately! I had half a pint of milk and left the party.

“This is bringing back memories of that lovely night,” he sarcastically quipped.

Big Zuu has become a regular guest chef on Saturday Kitchen, with viewers being delighted to see him each time he appears.

Taking to their Twitter, user @Stellabranch praised: “Oh how I adore Big Zuu. Hilarious, great recipes AND an excellent singing voice! #Karen Berry.”

Karen Berry commented: “Oh I do love Big Zuu! Shame I gotta go to work soon #saturdaykitchen.”

@SamanthaMalin said: “Big Zuu has more charisma in his little finger than most people have in their entire bodies. He is fantastic. #SaturdayKitchen.”

@DINE0saur added: “Big Zuu is on #SaturdayKitchen again! My fave.”

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays from 10am on BBC One.

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