Shark Bait is ‘mildly entertaining’: review

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We’re in a Mexican party resort where five irritating American students are acting like morons. On their last morning, one cocky youth smashes an empty bottle on the beach while his mate breaks into some poor sod’s shack and nicks the keys to two rental jet skis.

After a game of stolen jet-ski chicken goes satisfyingly awry, the injured youngsters find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean.

As blood leaks into the water, we see the first glimpse of a dorsal fin.

The dialogue is dire and the shocks are pretty feeble.

But Shark Bait does deliver a mildly entertaining guessing game.

Who will be the last jet-ski thief standing? A strong early contender is Nat (Holly Earl), the most sensible tourist and the only one who gave money to the old surfer who was begging in the opening scene.

Mind you, she should have taken note of his twin leg stumps.

On digital and on DVD from tomorrow

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