'So You Think You Can Dance': Matthew Morrison Reveals Text That Resulted in Exit

Glee alum Matthew Morrison served as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Season 17 on the entirely new panel consisting of himself, reality TV star and performer JoJo Siwa, and season 4 runner-up Stephen “tWitch” Boss. However, after the second episode aired, the actor abruptly announced his departure from the reality competition series. Rumors began circulating, leading to Morrison directly revealing the reported text message that resulted in his exit in a minute-long Instagram video.

Matthew Morrison acknowledged his exit from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in an Instagram video

In a May 2022 statement, actor Matthew Morrison announced his abrupt exit from So You Think You Can Dance, where he served as a judge.

In the message, he admitted to breaking “competition production protocols,” and a source from FOX confirmed the judge committed a “minor infractor” that resulted in his departure.

Following the news, rumors circulated regarding what Morrison did to break the rules. He addressed “blatantly untrue statements” being made regarding the situation in a minute-long Instagram video.

The Glee actor started by noting it was “unfortunate” that he had to “defend” himself and his family against the reports but doesn’t have anything to “hide.” Therefore, “in the interest of transparency,” he revealed the singular message he sent to a competitor.

Morrison revealed the text message he sent to a competitor

Morrison read the reported message aloud: “Hey, it’s Matthew. If you don’t mind, I would love to get your number and talk you through some things.”

He insists that’s the only text message he sent to the dancer and claimed he contacted the contestant because he wanted to get her a job as a choreographer on the show.

Morrison finished his explanation by calling out “toxic gossip” that he feels is “destroying our society.” Even though he’s no longer a part of the show, the actor closed by wishing the dancers and judges the best.

A couple of days after episode 2 of SYTYCD Season 17 aired on May 25, Morrison revealed his exit from the show.

Morrison previously announced his abrupt departure from the show for not following ‘competition production protocols’

In a statement to Us Weekly, the actor called his chance to judge the reality competition series “an incredible honor.” However, he then announced his departure.

The Glee alum explained the situation, admitting he didn’t “follow competition production protocols” after auditions and the 12 finalists were selected. Morrison didn’t reveal his infraction in the statement but noted his actions prevented him from “being able to judge the competition fairly.”

The actor closed by apologizing “to all involved” but promised to root for everyone at home, considering it “one of the best seasons yet.”

According to sources from FOX, another judge will replace Morrison on June 15 when the final 12 dancers begin performing for America’s vote. It also stated the actor is “disappointed” by the situation but is “happy to have left on good terms.” So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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